TheGrint New Golf GPS Feature coming really soon!

Grinters! we are very excited to announced that we are almost ready to release the new GPS feature for our iPhone App. We have done plenty of testing and it seems like we are ready for release. We will be submitting this version in the next few days to Apple for review.

NOTE: We still have a very limited number of golf courses in our database so we need your help to continue to add maps using our GPS Course Mapper (Click here)

Here is a preview of what is coming…

1) We will continue to have Score tracking and USGA compliant handicaps as our primary focus. The screen will look exactly the same but with a quick glance at the top right corner you will be able to see the distance to the pin. If you tap on the top right circle you will see the GPS map detail.

GPS golf app and score tracking

2) Tap on the GPS circle and you will get access to the GPS map. In there you will see an aerial image of the hole. The aimpoint will be set by default to the ideal driving spot for Par 4 and 5’s. You can drag that aimpoint to any location on the map to get distances to specific targets.

You will also have the right hand side banner that will provide distances to key mapped elements of the hole at a glance.

TheGrint GPS maps

3) As we continue to develop our maps we are dedicating a lot of efforts and investment in adding new courses and approving the courses that our members upload. That is why we will have to charge for each course map at what we believe is an affordable price of 0.99

Members will get course maps for free if they map them. So we encourage you to map all the courses you play so you get them for free (GPS Course Mapper)

Please let us know if you have any questions at We hope you enjoy this coming GPS feature as much as we have enjoyed developing and testing it!

Enjoy your Golf!




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  1. J.Go

    Have you thought about adding club selection on tee and approach shots? Combined with the GPS feature, wouldn’t that create some interesting club distance data?

    • Hello J. Go –

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we plan to incorporate that in the future. We do, however, think that it is got to be simple to keep scores. That is why we have limited the number of data you capture per hole. So when we do the club distance tracking feature, we want to do something that is extremely simple to use. Before we get there we need to focus in other priorities.

      thanks for your comment!

  2. James

    When will there be an android version of this? Would be great to have it so I don’t have to flip back forth between The Grint and Golf Logix.

  3. Bob

    You got GPS into the Apple version about a year ago, but it is STILL not in the Android version. When is this going to arrive? I love your site and system, but the lack of GPS keeps me from using your app on the course. This is a major hole, especially since there are more Android users than iOS users.

  4. Mike

    How do you use the tracker on the GPS?

    • Hi Mike, sorry for the late response.

      The GPS is located on the Top Right Corner of the App when you start tracking your score while you play. There will an option on that Corner that says, Tap Here for GPS.

      After you choose which Course you are going to play, the Stats, the Date, the Tees and everything else and you are ready to Play and track your Score, you will see the GPS option on the Corner.

      After you see the Yardages and need to input the Score and Stats for the Hole you are playing, Tap again where the GPS is and it will take you to the Track screen.

      Hopefully this helps.

      Let us know if you have any other questions or need anything else.

  5. Chris

    Do you have a cheat sheet for all of the abbrev. during the tracking of around.
    Just signed up myself and 5 others. we are looking for a general walk through so we can make sure we are maximizing the app.

    • Hi Chris, good afternoon,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      We would be happy to help you out.

      The Penalties are:

      S = Greenside Sand
      F = Fairway Sand
      W = Water Hazard
      O = Out of Bounds
      D = Drop Shot
      SS means that you hit the Greenside Sand twice.
      FF means that you hit the Fairway Sand twice.
      DD means that you had to drop the ball twice (because of unplayable or anything like that).
      FS means that you hit the Fairway Sand and then the Greenside Bunker.
      OS means that you hit it Out of Bounds and then you hit it into the Greenside Bunker.

      And so forth.

      Let us know if you have any questions or need anything else.


  6. william louie

    Please update Wildhorse,Davis,California.95618. The golf course been updated and revised.

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