Golf Hole Of The Week – Sept. 24th, 2014

Of course it has to be a Gleneagles Hole…

Today is the incredible 16th Hole from the PGA Centenary Course.

This incredible Hole could be where everything will be decided.

The 16th Hole – LOCHAN LOUP (Leap over the small loch)- Par 5 of 543 yards.

This Hole requires a good strategy and even more if a Match depends on whatever you do.

The ideal Tee Shot would be left of the fairway bunker on the Right. However… because Tour Players today are hitting between 290 and 330 Yards of the Tee (maybe even longer…), they should clear that Bunker with no problem. If they hit about 290 Yards of the Tee, they should have around 150 Yards to the Water and about 250 to the Middle of the Green if they decide to go for it.

This is why this Hole could decide the Match… Strategy is very important here!

When they get to the Green or around the Green, they have to be careful, even though it is not the toughest Green out there, it does have a slight step in the back left corner and small undulations all over it.

This is a very exciting Hole to watch… it can be an Eagle Hole or even a Bogey Hole. As we know, the Rough is pretty long and thick out there, so if they miss the Fairway off the Tee, it is certainly a Game/Match changer.

This Course is one of the Top Golf Courses in the World. It is definitely a to-go Golf Course if you ever get the chance.

This year we will see great golf and History in the making. This is a great golf course and perfect for the Ryder Cup. We are very excited for it to start!

If you are curious about the rest of the Course and you are wondering the Yardages and the type of strategy players will use this Year, you can check out the Course using our Golf GPS App, you will have fun with it and it will give you a better idea of how the Course is playing.

Enjoy your Golf!

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