Golf Performance Stats Analysis – Part 3: How To Improve Your Golf Handicap with TheGrint

Golf Performance Stats Analysis – Part 3: How To Improve Your Golf Handicap with TheGrint

Here we are now, the last part of this Blog Series and I will reveal to you why my Golf Game is not as good in comparison to the 0.2 Handicapper I refer to in the last blog post (if you didn’t read it, click here to read the 2nd Blog or here to read the 1st Blog Post). However, as you will see, the difference is not that big, but because we are talking about just 4 points on my Handicap, event the smallest difference on the Stats has an impact on the final number.

Now,  I am comparing my Game with someone who first, is Male, and hits it longer than me, we have to take into consideration that the Club pick when hitting to the Green is shorter, which gives him 1) more control over the Ball flight and less margin of error, 2)  more control over the Spin on the Ball and 3) more control because of the length of the Club. Because of this, the difference between his Golf Game and mine comes down to: Scrambling and Putting.

Here are the Golf Stats (Mine and His)


His                                                                                        Mine


His                                                                                       Mine

As you can see, the Avg. Par Save % between his Stats and Mine are different by 2 points. Meaning that I make a few more Bogeys than him and I have an Avg. of 2.0 Putts when Hitting the GIR and he has 1.9.

His:                                                                                            Mine:

The difference like I said before is not much, but it does affect the Game as you can see. At the end the difference is that he Saves more Pars than me and he makes more Birdies as well, twice as much than me per Round (as seen on the Screenshots above).

In conclusion, what I need to improve on is maybe changing my Style of Game to a little more aggressive so I can try to get more Birdie chances when Hitting the GIR and of course, improving my Putting; specially the Par Putts which often are Long Putts.

I will definitely work on this because I know I have the Game, I just need to practice a lot, and trust it on the Course.

Just like I compared my Game to another Grinters’ stats, you can too. Try it on the Website or the App; it is easy.

Enjoy your Golf!

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