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The Masters

It is Masters Week and we are super excited it’s finally here.
It is a special Tournament where History is made, Dreams come true and Hard Work pays off.

For many Players and Fans it is the Favorite Tournament of all. Not only because Augusta National is an unbelievable, magical Golf Course and the only Golf Course where The Masters is played at, but because of the History of the Tournament and Traditions it has.

No other Tournament has so many Traditions and Special Moments as The Masters. Not even another Sport around the World can compare to this Week.

These are the 7 Traditions The Masters has:

1) Champions Dinner

Since 1952 the Champions Dinner is hosted by the Champion of the Previous Year the Tuesday night before the Masters starts. The host has the opportunity to choose the Menu for the evening giving everyone who is attending a different experience. This dinner also gives the opportunity to some of the Game’s greatest players to Honor and share a Night with each other outside of the Golf Course.

2) Par 3 Tournament

This is a 9-hole Par 3 Tournament and it is one of the most popular traditions of all. Most of the times several Legends like Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Ben Crenshaw and others participate in this Event. Usually they’ll bring their Children or even other Celebrities.

3) Skipping Balls on the 16th Hole

Even though this is not as big as the whole Par 3 Event, it is still a tradition and many Players love to have fun and see what they can do by Skipping a Ball through the Pond between the Green and the Tee Box on the 16th Hole. One of the coolest moments was when Martin Kaymer skipped the Ball and made an Ace (click here to watch video).

4) Ceremonial Opening Tee Shot

Unfortunately, these incredible Players won’t take part in the Actual Tournament, but they will hit the Opening Tee Shot on Thursday Morning to start the Tournament. Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player will Tee it up and Arnold Palmer will be there to Watch and Share the moment.

5) The Champions Locker Room

All Masters Champions have the Honor and Prestige to share a Locker Room next to all Masters Champions throughout History. This is a very special moment for all Players. It is like to be on a Hall of Fame kind of thing.

6) The Crystal

Throughout the Week, different pieces of Crystal are awarded:

1 Crystal Bowl for a whoever makes a Hole in One

1 Crystal Bowl for whoever makes a Double Eagle

1 Crystal Bowl for the Par 3 Event Champion

1 Crystal Vase for the Low Round of the Day

And for players that make Eagles, they will receive Two Crystal Goblets

Last but definitely not least

7) The Green Jacket

Maybe the Most iconic prize awarded in all Sports. It is recognized everywhere by everyone. The Jacket is awarded to the Tournament Champion by the previous year’s winner on the 18th Green. Players keep the Jacket for 1 Year and then return it to the Club where they are stored for the Players to wear only at Events within the Grounds of Augusta National Golf Club.

With that said, we just can’t wait for The Masters to start!

It is definitely our favorite Golf Tournament of all.

Let The Best Player Win!

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  1. Great article, thanks!
    But, fix the spelling error:
    And for and Eagle players will receive Two Crystal Goblets

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