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Top 10 Best Grinters in 2016

Have you wondered who are the Best Grinters from 2016?

These are the very hard working players who made the Top 5 Female and Male Grinters! Plus, we are showing a few of their Stats so you can see how they have these incredible Handicaps.

Let’s start with the Ladies.

Now, just so you know, all of their information is from 2016 and they all had to have at least 30 Rounds last year. Their Handicap Index is the only Data that is current, taking all of their History into consideration.

Lets see the Top 5 Best Male Grinters from 2016

Pretty impressive, no?

Remember, practice makes perfect. These guys and ladies didn’t achieve those Stats and Handicaps by just going out to the Course and playing a Round of Golf. They go to the Range and practice and practice and practice. They are always looking to improve every single part of their Game.

TheGrint Golf App can help you discover which part of your Golf Game is weak and needs improvement, so take advantage of it. Learn, practice and get your Golf Game to its best… Maybe next year you can be on this list! Who knows…

Male Top 5 Stats

 Female Top 5 Stats


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  1. stephanie

    waooo, thank youuu

  2. Matt Rogers

    Is this for real? These top guys and gals should be at least on the mini tours! Thanks for making me feel super small with my 4.9. LOL. All good, congrats to those that are recognized and maybe us hacks can make the grade this year! Go Colorado Grinters!

  3. George Rainer

    I see average scores of 90,87,87 with handicaps of around 8. What is par on those courses…82? Then, on more than one occasion I see scores going from near 90 to 72-75. AND, I,M NOT SEEING A DEVIATION IN THE NUMBER OF PUTTS. Sorry but some of this doesn’t seem logical to me..

    • Hi George, good morning. Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it. However, remember that Handicaps are not calculated using the Score Average. The Handicap is calculated using the Lowest 10 Handicap Differentials out of the last 20 scores you have in your Records. Therefore, those high Scores do not count and their Handicaps are that low.
      Regarding the Putts, you might be looking at the Women’s Stats, because only 1 Man doesn’t have the Putts in his Stats (and that was our mistake. We forgot to add them).
      For the Ladies, their Handicaps are higher because their Scores are higher and also the Par of the Courses are higher, however, that doesn’t mean their Handicaps are calculated differently. The Handicap formula is the same for everyone.
      Anyone can have a bad day and shoot a high score, but that is the good thing about the Handicap, it is not calculated using the Score Average or even all of your Scores. Just the best 10 Handicap Differentials.
      If you have any questions, you can send us an e-mail to

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