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It’s the sad time of the year again… The Off-Season is here!

So we want to remind you how the off-season works and how to mark your Scores within TheGrint so they count or NOT towards your Golf Handicap.

First of all, remember that the Golf Season depends on where you Play at a particular moment and not on where your Club (the one providing you with a USGA Handicap) is established.

This means that if you live in Colorado, for example, and you come down to Florida for vacations during Winter and play a few Rounds of Golf, those Scores would count towards your Handicap because in Florida the Golf Season is Year-Round; even though, in Colorado the Season is between March 15th and November 14th.

Just in case you don’t know your States’ Golf Season Dates, here they are: Golf Season Dates

The good news is that if you keep your Handicap with TheGrint, you will always have an Active community. If you live in a year-round warm weather state, you can keep tracking your scores. But if you are in one of those States where there is an Inactive Season you should mark your scores as “Off Season” (if you are able to go out and play a Round).

Here is how:

On iOS and Android that option is on the Round Setup Screen before you start tracking your Score, under the Tracking Options. Select that option and then continue setting up your Round.

You can also upload your Score through the Website and select the Option for Off-Season at the bottom of the Box where you upload your Score. Select that Box and then click Submit.

Those playing in an area that is inactive should select this Option (Off-Season) before entering/uploading a Score. So if you live in a State that has Off-Season Golf, make sure you know the Dates of that Off-Season so you can be aware of your Scores and don’t mess your Handicap.

You can always get more information on the USGA Website.

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  1. Suggestion for Grint developers. Since dates are fixed by the golf course played and the date, and both of those items are entered with the scoring, why not have those dates in the software and make it an off-season round automatically? In other words, if the date is “off season” have grint check the practice round automatically. You could even add a popup note or text somewhere to explain why it was changed.

    • Hi John, good afternoon. Thx for your suggestion. However, that is not as simple as it sounds. We have thought about it. We might implement it in the future, but as of now, we want to keep it simple and up to the Player to select the Off Season Round or not.

      Thanks again for your suggestion.

  2. Ron

    I appreciate that you notified us of this feature. Thank you.

  3. Dave Seidel

    We are trying to maintain a winter handicap for purposes of betting. For low handicaps it is a tremendous advantage to put your hand on the ball and these guys typically score better in the winter whereas high handicaps are disadvantaged and score worse. There is no ability to adjust the handicaps to reflect the benefit to low hc’s or the disadvantage to high hc’s. We need an off season app.

  4. Do offseason rounds still factor into your Stats?

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