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Ryder Cup Feature

The Ryder Cup will be played on September 2020. The US Team vs The Europe Team will battle at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin!

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until September to play your own Ryder Cup with your Friends! You can play your own Ryder Cup anytime, anywhere with your Friends by using the NEW Ryder Cup Feature on TheGrint Golf App!

This feature is located on the Live Leaderboards feature.  It is pretty simple to use and create your own Cup, but here are some Tips to make it easier and more fun to use…

1. The Cup Name

Choose the option Ryder Cup option and give your Cup a Name!

Also in that screen you can choose if you want to allow users to Edit their Handicap, whether you will compete in Net or Gross scores, and finally how Handicaps Strokes will be calculated.

2. The Sessions

You can create up to 8 Sessions and you will have to select the Starting Date and the End Date.

For each Session you will then select the Course, Tees and type of Match you are playing during that session.

3. Play Day

Whenever is time to play, every player will just join the Ryder Cup and join the session you are playing that Day.  

NOTE: the organizer doesn’t have to add players. If a player has the Password, that is all he needs to join the Ryder Cup and play with his foursome.

If you finish your Match and want to see how the other Matches are going Live, just go back into the Ryder Cup and Join the Session as an observer.

 4. Choose Team

After joining the Session and Adding your playing partner, if your Team is Red but it says Blue next to your Name, just Tap on “Switch Team Order” and you will be switched to the Red Team.

5. Playing Time

During the Round, if you want to check how the Match is going, just tap at the bottom of the Score Tracker screen where it says “Ryder Cup” and the Summary will come up.

If you win the Match on Hole 16 for example, but your Foursome or other players want to finish playing the 18 Holes, just tap on End Match & Keep Tracking.

If you decide to stop playing for the Day, just tap on End Match & Exit.

6. Ryder Cup Summary

After the Players and Matches are done, you will see the Ryder Cup Summary where you can see every Match played and how the Points were decided.

Make sure you settle any other Games you had with your Playing Partners and give the Course a Review after you end your Round.

If you want to check out the Ryder Cup Summary again after you submitted the Round, just go to the “Leaderboards” Option on the Stats feature on the App. Tap on the Ryder Cup and you will get the Summary.

Let the fun begin!

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  1. Kyle Curtis

    Can you edit settings or delete a tournament once it has been created? I do not see a feature for that.

  2. Every time I build out my Ryder Cup event it disappears and I don’t have the ability to invite anyone. I love your app and think this app could be utilized but we can’t get it to stick.

  3. Jonathan Mitchell

    Can players join from their own account and keep their scores or does the creator have to keep everyone’s score? When other accounts join my leaderboard, it doesn’t show that I’m in their round or vice versa.

  4. John Fraser

    How do I add more than one foursome?

  5. Mark Schulte, Jr

    Can I as the Admin set the teams and handicaps for the ryder cup players?

  6. Sean

    Can you really only do this for 4 players max? Would be nice to able to do as many match plays as one would want.

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