Match Play Index (MPI) Stat in TheGrint App

Match Play format is one of the most common formats that golfers play when competing against each other. Since this is such a popular game, we developed what we called the Match Play Index (MPI) in TheGrint app which we’ll cover today.

So, What is the Match Play Index?

The Match Play Index is an indicator of your ability to beat other players in a Match Play format. The MPI comes from a simulated match versus the golf course using the hole handicap values of the course, which determines the number of strokes you get over a particular hole according to your handicap (the higher your handicap, the higher # of strokes you get).

How do you calculate these simulated matches?

Let’s say you are playing with a Course Handicap of 10. In this simulated match, you’ll play your Net Scores and will get a stroke in each of the holes with Hole Handicaps of 10 and less. If you make a Net Par you tie the hole. Net Birdie or better wins, Net Bogey or worse loses the hole. We simulate every round in the last 20 rounds of your scoring record and give you the average.

Why do this MPI?

The logic behind it is that by simulating a match against the Course Par you are playing against a perfectly steady scratch golfer. This is particularly important in Match Play because for this format, it doesn’t matter if you make an 8 or a 9. What matters is how steady you can score net pars or better.

How to interpret my Index?

You should expect to have a negative number in your MPI since beating this “perfectly-steady” scratch golfer (“the course”) is very difficult. Ideally, you’d want that number to be as close to zero as possible. If you do have a positive number, GET ON THE COURSE! It means your odds of winning in Match Play format are slanted in your favor.

Having a positive MPI can happen when:

  • The player is improving his/her index in recent performances
  • The player’s index is driven by a few holes of high net scores, but the player has the ability to make a lot of good holes (Think about 14 index player who makes just a couple of 9’s in his/her round but the rest of the holes he is able to make a lot of Pars or Bogeys and even Birdies).

The MPI stat is currently only available for PRO Members.

Next time you are out give it a try. Check out your MPI and that of your playing partners and see how effective it is to predict the winner.

Enjoy your golf!

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