Explaining the Anti-Handicap in TheGrint App

If you call yourself a golfer, it’s a given that you know what a Handicap is since it’s our holy grail of numbers. But for the sake of establishing a baseline, here’s a quick one-liner: The Handicap Index is a number that measures your potential scoring ability as a player and the basics of how it’s calculated is by averaging the value (i.e. handicap differential) of your best 8 rounds of the last 20 you’ve registered.

Today, however, you’ll be learning about another Index that we invented to paint a better picture of your level of golf and that we called the Anti-Handicap. In this post, we’ll be explaining the Anti-Handicap in TheGrint App, how to interpret it, and why we think it’s useful to have.

What’s an Anti-Handicap?

Pretty much like an “evil” nemesis, the Anti-Handicap is the exact opposite of the Handicap Index. Whereas one measures your demonstrated potential ability as a player, taking your BEST 8 rounds, the other tracks the 12 rounds that don’t count towards your Index, i.e. your WORST rounds.

So basically, Handicap = how good of a player you are. Anti-Handicap how bad of a player you can be.

What your Anti-Handicap says about your game

While we created this to have a fun number that shows you how you play when it’s not your day, the difference between your Handicap and Anti-Handicap numbers shows how consistent you are as a golfer. The bigger the difference between the two, the more inconsistent you are, showing you that when is not your day, is REALLY not your day.

Where can I see my Anti-Handicap?

The Anti-Handicap is shown on the first screen of your STATS module in TheGrint app, right underneath your Handicap.

We hope you enjoyed learning about this little invention of ours! If you haven’t yet, make sure to check us out on Instagram and give us a follow for more golfing content!

Enjoy your golf!

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  1. Dave

    I’m puzzled by some of this since USGA handicaps are calculated using the 10 best out of the last 20 (not 8). Shouldn’t the anti-handicap be the worst 10 then?

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