Drinks During Golf Rounds Declared in TheGrint

Playing a casual round of golf on a weekend often comes with the occasional beer or two. So our team decided to include a feature that lets you keep track of your drinks during a round. We figured it might be interesting for you to analyze how much of an impact it has on your game. Since it’s a new feature, what I’ll do today is walk you through the early data of the drinks during golf rounds using declared in TheGrint.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Drink feature is only available to golfers 21 or older. 

How to use the Drink Button?

On the score tracker page, you’ll notice a small beer icon. To use the feature, simply tap on it every time you begin a drink. This will keep track of how many drinks you have in the round and most importantly in which holes you had them. Oh, it may also explain the mysterious triple bogey in hole 16.






















Are people using it? Oh yeah!

We released this feature about 2 months ago. And we have seen tremendous adoption, so we decided to share it and hopefully see more of you using it.

  • There have been over 45,000 drinks declared in some 30,000 rounds. So ~1.5 drinks on average per round per player.
That’s some number there! However, I’m pretty sure there are a few of you who still haven’t gotten the hang of the feature since they regularly mark drinks when they play… 

How do I see my Drinks data?

We are currently working on releasing the new Stats Module, which among many other things will include a Graph showing your performance when you drink and when you don’t. We think it will through pretty interesting data. And finally, we will be able to solve the elephant in the room: Do I play better when I drink?

But how about you? Do you feel you play worse when you have a couple of beers at the links? Let me know in the comments!

Enjoy your Golf!

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  1. Josh

    I’m newer to the game and making good progress, but I have noticed that getting better at golf and drinking DO NOT go hand-in-hand. Seeing this data will be super interesting!

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