PRO Membership Benefits in TheGrint App

Our entire team is crazy proud of our app. The stats you can keep an eye on, how easy it is to track scores, the GPS feature, keeping tabs on your friend’s scores… I’d need the full post to list out all the features we love. However, the only way to truly unlock the app’s potential and insight is upgrading to our PRO membership.

In today’s article, I’ll walk you through some of the PRO membership benefits in TheGrint App (which you can unlock with a 7-day free trial).

1- USGA / WHS Handicap: As a PRO member you get an official Handicap provided by the USGA… no more estimates! You’ll get a WHS number (World  Handicap System) that is valid everywhere in the world.

2- Advanced Score Tracking: Track more detailed information like the club you hit from each tee box, the 1st putt distance,  and even whether you had a drink at a certain hole. It also includes shot tracking to measure club distances and much more.

3- Advanced Stats: your PRO membership unlocks a whole new level of insights and instantly lets you know which aspect of your game is a strength or a weakness, compared to players of a similar Handicap.

4- Scorecard Picture Service: Maybe you didn’t want to be disturbed at the course using your phone. But worry not! Simply snap a picture of your scorecard at the end of your round and we’ll automatically transcribe it for you (within 5 minutes if sent when the Service Window is ON),  as many times as you want (the free version has a 3-limit upload).

These four PRO features are some of the most important ones, but here is a full list as shown in our PRO shop. Make sure to get yours here.

You can get access to ALL of this for a year, for less than the cost of a single round of golf… I’d say that’s a no-brainer! If you’re serious about improving and understanding your game on a deeper level, upgrade to PRO. 

Enjoy your golf!

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  1. Juan

    How does “Tracking Scores” from Apple Watch work? I have been a Pro Member for a few months and just got an Apple Watch and I haven’t been able to get scoring from the watch yet

  2. JeffMuller

    I lost my phone I got a new phone when I got all my info download it off the iCloud my pro membership Grint was not in the apps do I have to buy a new program or can I have it installed does time to re-up again

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