Watch the US Open and Use our GPS Flyover Tool

It’s US Open week!

I prepared this post right before the US Open so you can learn how to use TheGrint and the GPS flyover while watching the US Open which will be played at the Brookline Country Club near Boston. Wouldn’t it be cool to know the distances that every player is facing while watching them play on TV? 

So, while you are watching the US Open on TV, open TheGrint App on your phone, and you will be able to check out the holes that are being played through our GPS Flyover Tool. Then (maybe)  you will have a chance to understand and see if the players are making the right decisions or losing some shots on their way toward the flag. Or you could try to imagine what shot you would play if you were in that same position (keep in mind that he is the PRO there 😅).

NOTE: The Brookline facility offers 27 holes. This year, for the first time, the club will debut a new Open Course arrangement and sequencing of holes. Check it out here!

TheGrint App has more than 37,000 golf courses mapped and all of them have the GPS Flyover tool. The mapping team in TheGrint is monitoring courses every day and update them constantly. All courses are available to all grinters even for our Free members. All you need is to download the app and register.  Install TheGrint on the App Store / Google Play Store, or upgrade your Membership here.

How to access the GPS Flyover?

Open TheGrint app and tap the COURSES icon located in the bottom banner or in the menu (those nine dots on the top right corner). Once you are in the Courses section you will have the option to search  for “The Country Club at Brookline” and select the Championship course.  

Once you select the course, you will have the GPS Flyover option in the upper right corner (the target icon). Tap on it, and that’s it! 

Using the GPS Flyover for your Rounds

You’re on the golf course, it’s an important round in a new course, you have been waiting for it. But everything is going the wrong way… you never saw that creek running down the fairway.

What if you could have planned your round the day before. This when the GPS flyover would be really helpful. Use it to explore the course before an important round, use the Notes tool to write down what you intend to do in each hole, and then leverage all this preparation during your round. 

Why is it important?

The Golf GPS Flyover will help you with your game ahead of time before you go out there and also during your round while you use the score tracker. 

I would recommend that before playing any course just to take a look at it and to get a feel for how the course looks ahead of time and use it as a learning tool for getting mentally prepared for playing each shot. You can view and analyze every single hole on the golf course.

Reminder: You can view golf courses during the off-season while the snow is still falling (We’ve all been there 😀) 

PD: Did you check out the GREEN MAPS feature?

With Green Maps, you can now decide where is the best place to land (or at least try) the ball on your approach shots. If the greens on the golf course you’re playing at are mapped, a sloped green icon will appear above the GPS icon on the top left side of your GPS screen. Alternatively, a moving colored target above the green. Read the full article here. You can also use this tool within the GPS Flyover tool. 

If you are a Free or Pro Member, you can try out up to 3 Green Maps, but we recommend you upgrade your membership (here) to elevate your game level and don’t miss out while playing against other golfers. The PRO+ is now on sale for $69.99 until Sunday and that’s the best price this year. So hurry!

Enjoy your golf and hit’em straight!



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