About the Range

What is The Range?

We created The Range so we can share our perspective and interact with you in topics related to golf and our community. But most importantly, we wanted to share with you how to make the most out of TheGrint.com. The topics that we discuss range from an explanation on how to calculate a Handicap, to how to strategize your round using TheGrint.com’s data, to what is the typical performance of golfers in our database.

Why is it call The Range?

The Range is were people go to practice and learn about the game. In the same way we wanted to create a place where our community could learn about other aspects of golf and how to take the most out of our tool. We are going to learn a lot of golf performance and in the same way we want to share it back with you.

How can I hear about new articles at TheRange?

Sign up to our subscribers list. Or simply like us at our facebook.com/thegrintgolf or follow us in twitter @thegrintgolf


  1. Mikki

    Can’t enter a tee ? It seem to stuck on a check mark on select a tee?

    • Hello Mikki,
      Please send us an email to contactus@thegrint.com with the name of the golf course that you are trying to input the score to.
      As soon as we know the name of the course we will add the necessary tees. It might be a course that is not up to date with tee information.

      There are too many golf courses in the world, and we rely in our members to let us know when the data of a golf course is incorrect. So thanks for letting us know.

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