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Most people track their golf handicaps just because they want to keep track of their game or because they want to be able to bet with their friends.  Some others need a compliant USGA Golf Handicap Tracker because they compete in USGA sanctioned events, or are part of organized leagues that require official handicaps.

The first step is to find a website that provides compliant handicaps. For those of you to ask why not use GHIN, well the answer is simple, GHIN doesn’t need to work hard to get golfers, so they don’t deliver a great product. So while the calculation will be correct, everything else is just not good enough.

What are the USGA requirements for a Compliant Handicap?

There are basically two main pieces needed for compliant Handicaps. The first one is the “Handicap Formula” (calculation methodology), and the second one is the “Oversight of Golf Activities”.

Most websites offer to help with the “Handicap Formula” piece but not the second piece. That is of course because it is easier to do. However, without oversight, the handicap is difficult to trust.

How does Oversight of Golf Activities happen online?

The USGA requires that handicaps should be issued by compliant USGA registered golf clubs. Those clubs work as micro-communities of golfers who oversee that everyone is being truthful to the handicap system (which makes it difficult to cheat).

It defines 3 types of Compliant Golf Clubs. Type 1 is the most common, which is a golf club that is being managed from a Golf Course. On the other hand,  type 2 is a group of golfers who know each other and have the chance to regularly play together. Type 3 is for golfers that do not necessarily know each other previously, but that has the chance to play with each other.

We at TheGrint help our members in creating and managing their own Type 2 and Type 3 clubs. When our members sign in they are automatically assigned to a Type 3 golf club based on their zip code.

Please let us know if you have questions about any of these topics.

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  1. Fernando

    For the new App version, we recommend the following:
    1. Being able to start your round from a hole different from #1.
    2. Being able to skip holes without having to input a score. There are times that for any given reason we have to skip a hole (or more) and then finish them after going through the rest. App would be betther if we could skip holes not played without having to input a score.
    3. This should be our main recommendation: Please show CURRENT score (shots above par), putts, penalties and tee accuracy rather than having averages throughout the round. With new version of The Grint app you can only see averages. Before new version we could see current statistics throughout the round.

    Best regards, user of The Grint.

    • Hello Fernando!
      Thanks for your comments and feedback. Here are the answers:
      1) You can already start from a different hole. You can select your starting hole on the “Round Details” screen before you begin tracking scores.
      2) Good idea. We are working on it. You may not be able to skip entering something, but we are going to make it a lot easier to jump from one hole to the other without going hole by hole
      3) Yes. We heard that from other members as well. Our next release will have it.
      Thanks so much!

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  3. james metz

    where do I put my ghin no. in

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