Adjusting your Score for Handicap Calculation purposes

Most golfers know that if they write a 12 in their scorecard that should not be used for Handicap Calculation purposes. However, not everyone knows what is it exactly that they have to do to clean their card. Here it goes:

Oh, but before I start, if you enter your detailed hole by hole scores on TheGrint you don’t have to do anything. TheGrint system will do it for you. And then this article is just to explain how is done. If you do not enter hole by hole, but the total only, you should clean your score before you enter it.

Cleaning your Scores

Based on the USGA Handicap System your scores should be cleaned. Yeap, your 13 on that par 5 won’t count towards your handicap. Each player is allowed a maximum score per hole depending on their Course Handicap Index. Below the guidelines to clean your Scorecard. So if you are a 12 Course Handicap Index, the system will allow a maximum of 7 on any given hole.


Golf Handicap Calculator

You noticed I said Course Handicap Index, and not Handicap Index. That is because on each course or teebox you have to adjust your Handicap based on the difficulty to show your true potential on that course and teebox. Course Hdcp Index is calculated using  the following formula

Course Handicap = “Handicap Index” x “Slope Rating” / 113

Why is this important
Well… the idea of the Handicap system is to measure the potential ability of a golfer, so those random 9’s or 10’s are not really your potential but rather an exception (for some golfers ;-)). On the other hand the max score allowed is based on your handicap, so a 25 handicapper (course Handicap) is allowed an 8, but a 6 handicapper is only allowed double bogey as a max score.

Remember, Handicap were developed to be able to compete with each other. If you don’t adjust your scores your basically… cheating. Everyone should be doing things the same way, that’s why standards exists. If you don’t adjust it, your handicap will be higher and that will give you an unfair advantage over those who do clean their score.

My recommendation? Enter your detailed hole by hole scores. TheGrint will clean it for you. Use our Scorecard Picture Service, or simply upload it your self, it takes 40 secs (yes we measured it) instead of the 20 seconds it takes to post a not detailed score. That way you won’t have to remember all this stuff I just explained 😉

Enjoy your golf!

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  1. Margaret Lendzian

    where do i go to post scores?

    • Hello Margaret – to post scores click on the “add scores” button on the home screen after you log in. Or simply go to the Scores section and click on the “add score” button.
      You can also add scores using our mobile apps for Android and iPhone.
      Hope this helps!

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