Playing an Unrated teebox? Here is our solution…

Today I played with a low handicapper female friend. And we decided to tee off from the White tees. At the end of our round we realized that the White teebox was not rated for Women. She took a long breath, and settled with having to post her score from the red tees.

Many low handicapper female golfers find themselves in this same situation. So what happens then? Is not really fair to use the red tee ratings, but what options do they have?

In fact they do have an option. The USGA establishes the below procedure and table to determine the ratings for unrated tees.  If you find yourself playing on one of these courses and can’t upload your score at, let us know and we will create the tee option for you. Write to us at

Ratings adjustments 

The methodology that the USGA specifies when playing from unrated tees is the following:

  1. Locate the closest teebox that have been rated for your gender
  2. Add up the difference in Yardage between the rated and the unrated teeboxes
  3. Find the difference in Yardage in the table below (for men a different table should be used)
  4. Add or subtract the indicated values.

Golf Handicap Adjustment from an Unrated Set of Tees

So for example, let’s imagine you are a low handicapper female on a trip and find yourself playing from the White tees (6112) but these are unrated tees for Women. You would have to follow the steps explained above

  1. You find that the closest rated teebox is the Red, which has 5610, a course rating of 71.3 and slope of 131
  2. The difference in yardage between the two is 502 yards
  3. You look at the table and find that for 495-512 yards the values are 2.8 in course rating and 6 in slope
  4. Therefore, your White teebox ratings will become 74.1 and 137

Note that if you are trying to adjust to a shorter tee, you simply have to subtract the difference

Remember then that you do have an option. Next time you are playing on a course with unrated tees, don’t worry. Let us know and we will create the tee option for you. Or you can simple send us a picture of your scorecard and we will create the teebox and upload the score for you.

Enjoy your golf!





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