Quick Golf Handicap Calculation Example

We get questions every week about how to calculate your Golf Handicap. So we wanted to give you an example, instead of giving you the methodology. Below we are going to discuss the case of how the Handicap of “Bob Grint” is calculated. 

For any of you interested in understanding the details of the methodology go to the following blog post “How is the Golf Handicap Index Calculated

If you are interested in getting a quick estimate of your handicap go to our Quick Golf Handicap Calculator.

Golf Handicap Calculation

Let me first clarify that the golf handicap is a reflect of the potential ability of the player, and not a representation of his average score. Therefore, getting your handicap is not as simple as calculating your average score over par. So follow the below example to understand how Bob’s Handicap got calculated.

Calculating Bob’s Golf Handicap 

1.- Which of Bob scores should I use to calculated the golf handicap?

You should use the number of scores determined by the following table. 

In the case of Bob, the below graph shows that he has 20 scores (you can find your own graph on the Trends section). The green bars represent the best 10 scores out of those, which are the ones that we will use based on the table above.

Scores Golf Handicap Tracker TheGrint

2. – How do I determine which ones are the best scores? 

Each score has its own Handicap Differential which represents the value of the score. The lower the better. To calculate the differential you do use the following formula:

Hdcp Diff. = (Adjusted Gross Score – Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating

So for example, Bob’s last Score is a 76 at Biltmore Golf Course Blue Tees.  Therefore:

Hdcp Diff.= (76 – 70.2) x 113 / 124 = 5.3

If you follow the same process for all of Bob’s scores you will get the following differentials:

Golf Handicap Calculation

I won’t discuss what the adjusted gross score is, but to learn more click here ESC adjustments

3.- What do I do with those 10 best handicap differentials?

Well, the formula states that we average those differentials as follows:

Avg ( 7.1+7.2+8.8+8.3+8.2+1.1+0.2+8.7+3+5.3 ) = 5.79

Then you multiply by 96% and truncate any decimals after the first one:

5.79 x 96% = 5.5584 -> Then truncate -> 5.5

And there you have it, Bob’s handicap is 5.5.

Is the USGA Golf Handicap System Fair?

Well, a lot of these numbers seem very arbitrary but they actually have a lot of logic behind it. Go to the following post to learn more about the philosophy of the handicap system

I hope this posts helps you understand a little better the process of calculating a the golf handicap calculation process.

Enjoy your Golf!


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