Golf Games – Where Your Golf Handicap Is Not Important… Part 2.

Golf Games – Where Your Golf Handicap Is Not Important… Part 2.

Golf Games - Golf Handicap

We have reviewed a few Golf Games in our last Blog, Bingle Bangle Bongle, Beat the Worst, Perfecto, Pennies and The Defender. But we have more… (More games, more fun).

In this Blog we will give you a few more Games that you can play with your Friends, and it doesn’t matter if your Golf Handicaps are completely different, for these games, you don’t need a Golf Handicap!

Here are the games we will talk about today: Nine Points, Shoot-Out, Rabbit and The Bear.  These are Individual Games that have to be played with 2, 3 or 4 players.

Lets begin:

Nine Points: (3 players)

The idea of this game is to split 9 points per Hole among the 3 players. Whoever gets more Points at the end of the Round, wins.

This is how it works,

1. When all the Players have different Scores in one Hole, the points would be divided like this:

Best score: 5 points
Second Best: 3 points
Worst Score: 1 point

2. When one of the Players wins the Hole and the other Two tie the Score:

 Best score: 5 points
Second best: 2 points
Second best tie: 2 points

3. When two Players tie the Best Score:

Best score: 4 points
Best score tie: 4 points
Next best: 1 point

4. All players tie the Hole:

Each player: 3 points

Shoot-Out: (3 or 4 players)

This game is one of my favorites. On each Hole, one player is eliminated. Whoever wins more Shoot-outs, wins the game.

This is how it works:

The player with the Worst (highest) score at the Hole, is eliminated.

If it is played with 4 Players, there is one Shoot-out every 3 Holes (6 shoot-outs for the entire round).

If it is played with 3 Players, there is a Shoot-out every 2 Holes (9 shoot-outs for the entire round).

If there is a Tie with the Highest Score, you have to use the “Bubble” tie-breaker, which is used on the Next Hole. The Bubble can be like this:

1. Of the tied players, whoever has the Worst Score on the present Hole is eliminated from the Previous Hole (the one it was tied).

Of the other players remaining, whoever has the Worst Score on that present Hole, is Eliminated from that Hole. If a tie happens again, the Bubble has to be applied again on the Next Hole.

Here is an Example:

Rabbit (3 or 4 players)

The point of this game is to “Lock up” as many “Rabbits” as possible. You first have to determine how long the “rabbit” will “run”… Usually is 6, 9, or 18 holes.

Whoever gets more points, wins. To win points, the player has to accomplish 1 of 2 things:

1. Lock up a rabbit prior to the run ending, this is worth 3 points. To Lock Up a Rabbit, the player has to complete these steps:

  • Catch the Rabbit (win a Hole)
  • Close the cage door (win the next Hole)
  • Lock the cage door (win the next Hole)

To catch the Rabbit, a player has to win the Hole (no ties). To advance the Rabbit to the next Step, the player must win another Hole. After you win 3 consecutive Holes before the “run” ends, you Lock up the Rabbit and win 3 Points.

To own the Rabbit (catch it), you must win the Hole (no ties).

If the player owning the Rabbit loses a Hole, the rabbit will go back to the previous step.

If the player owning the Rabbit ties the Best Score, the Rabbit stays on the Step it was.

If you own the Rabbit (catch it) at the End of the “run” but were not able to Lock-up the Rabbit, then you win 1 Point.

The Bear: (2, 3 or 4 players)

The idea of this game is to hold the Bear. Every time a player Wins the Hole (no ties), gets the Bear and wins 1 Point.

The other players have to win a Hole to take the Bear. Every time a players takes away the Bear, points are Doubled. Whoever gets the Bear at the end of the first 9 Holes and the Back 9, wins the accumulated points.

Here is an example:

If the Bear is taken away 5 times on the First 9 holes, the player holding the Bear at the end of the First 9 Holes, earns 16 Points.

(First Bear worth: 1 point: Second Bear worth: 2 points; Third Bear worth: 4 points; Fourth Bear worth: 8 points; Fifth Bear worth: 16 points). 

We hope you try these out and have fun with them! I have played a few, and believe me, they are fun to play! It definitely makes Golf different and in a way, more enjoyable (if you know what I mean).

If you play any other Game that we haven’t talked about, send it us! We always want to try new things and talk about… And if you would like us to have these Games in our Golf App, let us know! We want to improve and make our App (and Golf GPS) more enjoyable.

If you missed our last Blog and you are curious about the other Golf Games we talked about, you can see it here: Golf Games – Part 1.

Enjoy your Golf!

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