5 Things You Didn’t Know About TheGrint – iPhone Golf App!

1) By taping on your friend’s name in your Dashboard, it will take you to his/her profile, where you can see their Stats, Handicaps and recent scores. You can also Like, Share and Comment in their profiles or photos.

It is always more enjoyable when you have friends in your network.

2. Did you know that when you check your Stats, you not only see your Stats & Handicap but you can also select one of your friends and see theirs too? And you can segment it by Golf Course?

3. Did you know that you can play against your friends without them having to be in the same foursome as you? TheGrint Golf App lets you use the Live Leaderboard option before you start your round. This way, you don’t have to wait until all of your friends finish playing to see if you beat them or not.

4. You made a Hole in One or an Eagle and you want your friends to know immediately? Take a picture of it as soon as it happens and share it while you are playing! By sharing the photo while you are playing, it will select the Course and Hole you are playing automatically. You can also write something and tag friends in the Picture.

5. Did you know that TheGrint also helps you understand and learn more about Handicaps, the Handicap formula, Golf Courses and much more? TheGrint Range Blog is available for you in the App and the Website. Look for it and learn more!

Enjoy your Golf!

Oh, and remember that we also offer the Golf GPS with a TheGrint PRO Membership!

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  1. Tim

    All great stuff, but any news on the Android update? The app for us is truly lagging.

    • Hi Tim,

      We are almost done with the New Version for the Android App. We have the Beta Version ready and we are doing some late tests of it.

      Hopefully we will launch it soon.

      We apologize for the delay.

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