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Types Of Golf Balls

Did you know that there are 3 types of Golf Balls out in the Market?

You probably thought that there were many more… Titleist, Taylormade, Nike, Bridgestone, Srixon, Callaway, etc… But these are not Types of Golf Balls… These are Brands.

The Types of Golf Balls are the ones that you should really know because depending on which Type of Golf Ball you use, your game can improve and ultimately, lower your Handicap.

Here is where the good stuff starts… There are Three Types of Golf Balls. We will explain what are they and who should be using them.

1) Two-Piece Golf Ball

These are the Balls that have a hard cover and a solid inner core. For example the Callaway HEX Warbird. These balls are made for Distance seekers who want as much flight as possible but also want a soft core. These balls are also great with durability, and this is why these balls are the best for Beginners.

Some of the Two-Piece Golf Balls are:

– Bridgestone e5
– Callaway HEX Warbird
– Nike Power Distance Soft
– Taylormade SuperDeep

2) Multi-layered Golf Balls

These balls have either a liquid or solid core, with a molded rubber outer core. These balls combine the forgiveness of the Two-layered Golf ball with the increased performance and spin control of a Multi-layered golf ball. This softer feel and high spin allows the Golfer to have more control and better stopping power; they are more durable but a little more expensive than the Two-piece golf Balls. These are better for intermediate golfers.

Some of the Multi-Layered Golf Balls are:

– Callaway HEX Hot Pro
– Nike ONE RZN
– Taylormade RBZ Urethane
– Titleist NXT Tour

3) High Performance Golf Balls

These balls are the ones that Professionals and Low Handicappers use when they play. These are perfect for High Swing speeds that are looking for a low initial spin, which helps get more Distance and a high iron spin, which helps with precision.

These balls have 3 or 4  pieces; they have the Two-Layers we saw on point #1 plus a thin layer surrounding it, and then a urethane and dimple cover. These balls are less durable than the other two types and of course, more expensive.

Some of the High Performance Golf Balls are:

– Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1X
– Callaway SR 3
– Nike RZN Black
– Srixon Z Star XV
– Bridgestone Tour B330-S

 So, now that you know the types of Golf Balls that can help you lower your Golf Handicap, you should pick carefully and choose the best for your game; at the end, the Golf Balls are one of the most important part of the Game (if not THE most important one).

Pick your Golf Balls and go out to play!

Enjoy your golf!

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