Golf Bounce Angles On Golf Clubs

Golf Bounce Angles On Golf Clubs (Specially Wedges)

There are many things Golfers have to be aware of when playing, but there are some players out there that don’t really know the difference and the importance of the Angle of Bounce their Clubs have, specially their Wedges and Bounce Angle is just another thing that can help you improve your Golf Game and ultimately, lower your Golf Handicap.

We are going to explain what “Bounce” is, the difference between Low, Mid and High Bounce and the pros and cons for each type of Angle.

To start, “Bounce angle” is the degree of the angle from the front edge of a club’s sole (Sole = the bottom part of the Golf Club) to the point on the sole that actually rests on the ground at address.

Now that we know what Bounce Angle is, we can look into the different Angles and determine which one is the best for each player, depending on their type of Game and angle of attack when they swing.

Low Bounce

Low Bounces are between 0 to 10 degrees.

– These are great for tight lies, firm turf and firm sand.

–  Low Bounces help you create a cleaner contact with the ball on impact.

– It allows the player to hit High shots and allow soft landings when hitting flop shots.

– Usually Low Bounce wedges are the ones with lower lofts.

– These are great for golfers who strike down at a sharp angle. It also helps the Golfer create more Back Spin on the Ball.

– The clubs with Low Bounce, usually have one dot on the bottom of the Club, at the Sole.

 Mid Bounce

Mid Bounces are between 10 to 16 degrees.

– These are perfect for all type of Golf Course conditions and also good for every Golfer.

– Mid Bounce wedges are good for those golfers who like to be creative around the Greens.

– It allows the Golfer to play around with the Club Face when coming out of a Bunker. You can open the Face of the Club or have it square.

– These clubs are good for all golfers; with an average angle of attack or even a steeper angle of attack when swinging the Club.

– The clubs with Mid Bounce, usually have two dots on the bottom of the Club, at the Sole.

High Bounce

High Bounces are between 16 to 18 degrees.

– These clubs are great for soft turf and soft sand.

– Having a High Bounce on the club, prevents you from digging too much on the ground when hitting the ball.

– It allows you to create a smoother gliding action when hitting the ball, instead of hitting the ball aggressively and with not too much control.

– These are perfect for players who have a steeper angle of attack on their swing.

– High Bounce clubs, usually have three dots on the bottom of the Club, at the Sole.

Now that we know all the types of Bounces Golf Clubs can have (specially Wedges), we can determine which one is the best for us, depending on the Golf Courses we usually play and of course, our golf swing.

With the right combination of Golf Bounce and Loft on the Golf Club you play, it definitely can make a big difference on your short game.

We hope this Blog helps you understand a little better how Golf Clubs work and help you choose the right Wedge for your game.

Enjoy your Golf!

(Golf Club – Bounce Angle images are from Cleveland Golf)
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