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New 4Somes Feature Available Now!

Have you ever been through a Weekend without Golf because you can’t find partners to play with? We have… Are you tired of organizing your foursomes with emails, chats and a bunch of different things? We are…

That’s why we are making it way easier to find playing partners! Anytime, anywhere.

All you have to do is set up a “Golf Date” using our 4Somes Feature and share it with friends OR anyone within your area (your TheGrint Club).

Wanna know how it works? Pretty easy…

1) Login on the App. Tap on the Menu on the Top Left and then Tap on 4Somes (see below)

2) You will then come across these screens (below). You can see what others have posted under the Feed Tab which is the 1st Screen.  Then you can see your Posts and then the 4Somes you have already Joined.

3) Now, the most important part is, how do I invite others to play with me?

Well, just tap where it says “Post” (on the Top Right) and it will take you to the Screen below:

This Screen allows you to Post a 4Some to find Golfers to play with. If you have the Tee Time reserved, make sure you mark the “Tee Time is Reserved” at the bottom. Fill out all the information and then Tap on Next.

4) Now it is time to invite Friends or let anyone Join your 4Some!

You can select friends who have already confirmed, or you can leave those blank and post your 4Some to specific People (by invite), to Friends only or make it a Public post (anyone in your USGA Club will see your Post).

After you post it, you will see the Screen below:

5) After a Friend or anyone else confirm they are going to play with you or they send you a Request to play with you, you will receive a Notification on your App as well as on the Website.  You be able to manage a Waiting List, and Accept or Decline anyone into your 4Some.

6) Also, on the receiving end, it is very simple. When a friend creates a 4Some post you will see it in your Activity Feed. Click the “Request” button to ask to join. The organizer will then decide to accept that request or not.

7) FINALLY VERY IMPORTANT… If you are looking for a game and have no one to play with, you can also go to the 4Somes section and see what other people in your area have posted. This is a great way to meet new golfers and visit new courses.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions or comment in the box below.

Enjoy your golf!

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  1. Robert Doc McCoy

    Sounds pretty Cool. Thanks.

  2. Roma

    how do i update a round or delete a player

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