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New Comparison Line on Trends

Have you ever wondered how your stats impact a Particular Golf Round? Would you want to compare how your lowest Putts performance impact your actual Scores?

Well, you now can! Check this out!

 That blue line in the Graph are the amount of Putts Mr. TheGrint made in each of his Rounds. Therefore, he can now see that in one of his Best Rounds (76) he had 27 Putts.

And in one of his worst Rounds (88) he had 37 Putts! Horrible!

All you have to do to get to this graph is:

1. Go to the Trends Section on the Website.

2. Select any Stat you want on the left (this will be your Main Stat).

3. On the Top select the “Compare” Stat. We have Putting, Grints %, GIR %, Driving % and Iron Game.

After you select a Stat to Compare, you can change your Main Stat to another one and the chart will update with your “Compare Stat” & your Main Stat (see below)

As you can see Mr. TheGrint changed his Main Stat to GIR% and he kept the Putts as his Comparison Stat, showing him that in a Round he had 11 GIR, he also had 34 Putts… meaning that he should have taken advantage of the GIR and Putt better in order to Score lower.

As you can see, it is real simple to compare Stats and study your Golf Game.

This will certainly help you improve your Game and lower your Golf Handicap.

Try it. Work it.

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