Most Accurate Iron Brands by Handicap for Grinters

Hitting a solid iron and watching your shot land in the middle of the green for a birdie chance is one of those feelings that will get you back on the course… so we wondered: how big of a role does your club play in this?

Well, today we’ll be showing the results we got after analyzing millions of golf scores to see which are the most accurate irons by brand in the Grinter community.

To do this, we compiled a list of all the declared iron brands by Grinters and matched it with the Greens in Regulation stats (GIR%) they reported during the rounds. But before we jump in, we have a disclaimer to make: by no means we are saying X brand is better. This depends on very partial data so take it as it is: an interesting data-crunching exercise that may (or may not!) be helpful to you.

WARNING: viewing this content without having declared your bag in TheGrint app will cause the displeasure of the golfing gods which can cause multiple OB’s in the same hole. So declare your bag here! 

We’re separating the data into six different charts according to each handicap bracket: Scratch (someday fellas!), 1-5 handicap, 6-10 handicap, 11-15 handicap, 16-25 handicap, 26+ handicap. To view your chart, simply scroll down to your handicap.

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In order to improve your game, we highly recommend you keep track of these stats whenever you play. And if you want to take it one step further, our PRO Membership gives you a pretty excellent analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, further helping you understand your game. Almost like having a pocket-sized coach.

Enjoy your Golf!

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