Most Accurate Driver Brands From TheGrint Data

Nothing comes close to the feeling of bombing one right to the middle of the fairway… it sets you up for success and gives you immediate bragging rights.

Today, we’ll do an interesting exercise that might help getting more insights into driving accuracy. So, here it goes!

We’ve compiled a list of the declared driver brands by Grinters and matched it with fairways in regulation stats reported by these Grinters in millions of rounds (seriously). Our goal: figure out which Driver Brand has the best FIR% among Grinters in every handicap range.

Before we jump in, a couple of disclaimers:

  • By no means we’re saying X driver is better. This depends entirely on partial data so take it as it is: a curiosity/fun exercise.

  • We divided the data between handicap brackets in order to paint a better picture since not all drivers will perform the same in the hands of people with different skill levels.

  • ⚠️Viewing this content without having reported your fairway accuracy or declared your bag in the app WILL cause you to three-putt at least twice in your next round. Declare your bag here to appease the golf gods.

We’ve separated the data into six different charts starting from scratch golfers (ohhh the envy), 1-5 handicap, 6-10 handicap, 11-15 handicap, 16-25 handicap, and 26+ handicap (hey, we’ve all been there!). Simply scroll to find yours.

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CLOSING REMARKS: We hope you enjoy this little Data Nugget we’ve compiled since there’s plenty more from where this came from! We highly recommend you keep track of these stats whenever you play.

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Enjoy your Golf!



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    Please change the font color to black. The light grey is nearly impossible to read!!

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