Build your Bucket List of Courses in TheGrint App

Are you planning a golfing trip with your friends? Or are you simply looking to daydream a bit during the third hour-long Zoom call of the day? Well, today we’re going to show you how you can build your bucket list of golf courses in TheGrint.

In TheGrint, friends can see/attest your scores, check out your latest scorecards, and even check out what clubs you are using. Well, we have one more thing you can share: Your Top Played courses and your Bucket List of the golf courses you’re itching to play.

To build your ranking, simply tap on the “Courses” icon located in the bottom right of your home screen (or in your menu), and start dragging courses up and down based on your preference. Every time you play a course, it will show on that list. But it is up to you to rank it.

To build your Bucket List, go again to the Courses tab and swipe right once. You’ll see the “BUCKET LIST” title and the option to “Add a Bucket List Course”. After that, it’s just a matter of finding the courses you’d love to play in the most like Pebble Beach or the Old Course, and adding them into your list (the first step to making it happen is to visualize it, right?).

What’s also cool about it, is that if a friend of yours plays one of your Bucket Listed courses, you will get a notification, maybe he has the keys to it, or maybe he can share whether it is worth it or not.

We hope you have some fun building out your dream courses to play in, and that you actually make it happen!

Enjoy your Golf!

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