Grinters @AugustaNational: How Did They Fare?

It’s Masters Week and every single one of us are day dreaming that we could be there, playing a round in one of the most iconic golf courses in the world. Since we can’t, we’re doing the next best thing: Analyzing how the 147 lucky Grinters who have played a round in Augusta, did.

Here’s one beautiful pic of the 12th (Golden Bell) taken by one of those lucky Grinters back in 2019.

We all have watched the pro’s handle Augusta National during tournament play but today we wanted to give you an idea of how you would play (hypothetically) by giving you some curious data points of what other Grinters did.

First, the lowest gross score from the back tees was an astounding 66. Can you imagine playing that well at Augusta National? He even made an Eagle that day at the revered 13th hole (Azalea).

Here are some other fun data nuggets:

  • The Grinter with most rounds at Augusta National has 17 rounds.
  • The most strokes in one hole was a 10 at the par 3 16th (Redbud). The funny thing is, there were actually two 10’s on 16th that day, IN THE SAME FOURSOME!
  • The highest total was 106, with 7 triple bogeys and one beautiful hot streak of back to back pars at the 13th (Azalea) and 14th (Chinese Fir) holes.
  • The average round at Augusta National by Grinters is 3.79 shots above their Handicap. Which is actually not bad, but keep in mind the course setup is not the same as Masters Week!
  • The easiest hole for Grinters was number 2 (Pink Dogwood) with 3 Eagles and 28 Birdies.
  • The most difficult hole was (not surprisingly) number 10 (Camellia) with a ton of double bogeys or worse.

Enjoy Masters week, we will sure do…

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