Our Scorecard Picture Service and How to Use It

As you may know already, we’re constantly highlighting great features of TheGrint app and taking the time to explain them in full detail so you can get the most out of them. Today, we’ll take a swing at explaining our Scorecard Picture Service. You’ll also learn how to keep track of advanced stats (like fairway accuracy, penalties) on a regular scorecard.

If you like to keep your score on a traditional scorecard while you play this is for you! It even allows to keep track of your stats.

Simply take a picture of your Scorecard at the end of your round and upload it using our SPS feature. Our service will then magically transcribe all your scores for you within minutes.

To access this feature simply press the Green + button in your home screen and select the “Post Score” option. Then, simply select the “Scorecard Picture” button and follow the instructions.

But How do you fill your paper Scorecard?

Here are the steps to fill your scorecard. Keep in mind these instructions include ALL the options. If you want to upload less info, simply include what you want to include and do not add the rest. 

In the image below we also show you how to add each data point. For example, for Tee Accuracy you use arrows, or for Penalties you would add the corresponding letter.

Finally, keep in mind we actually have a team of real humans reviewing your scorecards when you upload it. We have a service window 11:59am – 8pm EST. So if you are outside that window your score will upload as soon as the window opens.

Let us do the work for you simply by taking a picture after your round!
We hope you find this information helpful.

Enjoy your Golf!

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  1. Cal Larwood

    If someone signs the attest at the bottom will the score be attested?

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