Introducing: QR Code Functionality in TheGrint

It’s no secret that QR codes are more popular than ever before, so we decided to include a QR code functionality in TheGrint to make it easier for you to quickly find other golfers in TheGrint.

Before we jump right in, do you know what exactly is a QR code? The answer is pretty simple: it’s an evolution of the barcode and it stands for Quick Response Code. So basically, it’s a really effective way to share information, using about 1/10th of the space a barcode uses.

First things first: Where is my QR code?

You can find your QR code by tapping “MY PROFILE” from the homepage. It will appear right under your name and username. You can’t miss it.

How does the QR code functionality in TheGrint app improves your golfing experience? Here are three ways it will help you:

1- Add non-friends users to your round, quickly:

The main benefit of using the new QR code functionality is that now you don’t need to spend time typing the email, username, or WHS# of the golfer. You simply scan that person’s QR code and that’s it!

This will save you time to concentrate on that first swing of the day.

2- Adding friends is way easier:

Instead of having to search for your new friend’s name, username or email in the friend section, you’ll simply scan that person’s QR code and you can directly send a friend request in TheGrint.

3- You won’t need to befriend a golfer in order to add them to the round:

We all have played with a fourth that we’ll probably never see again. So, next time you’re playing with the cousin of a friend, you won’t have to become friends with that person to add them to the round using the QR Code, and when the pop-up comes select the “Don’t send friend request” option.

All in all, the new QR functionality will save you some cumbersome steps, making the whole process a seamless experience that will improve your round and let you be 100% focused from the start. We hope you find it useful!

Enjoy your golf!

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