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It’s US Open week and since we can’t actually be there playing (astounded not to receive an exemption!) we decided to do the next best thing we can: analyze the scores of Grinters @ Torrey Pines Golf Course so you can have something tangible to compare against the pros.

Before we start, you should know this fact: unsurprisingly enough, Torrey Pines is very popular golf course in TheGrint with more than 5,000 rounds played between 2019 and 2021.

To do this fun exercise, we separated the numbers into handicap brackets to give you a close comparison as to what your score would look like if you haven’t played there. You can use them either to tame your expectations or to set a target.

These are the results:


After looking at the chart, here are our main takeaways:

Overall Scoring at Torrey:

  • The average Grinter shoots ~10 strokes above their handicap when playing in Torrey Pines. Keep in mind, you normally see a difference of 4-5 strokes (See  Average Scores by Handicap blog post)
  • Clearly, Torrey Pines is a beast already, but if you look at this week’s US Open conditions it looks even more fearsome than when you played your last foursome on a regular Sunday. (Just take a look at the rough!)
Other nuggets we found during this exercise:  
  • We have seen five “holes-in-one” made by Grinters at Torrey Pines, three on the Par 3 8th hole, one in the Par 3 3rd hole, and one in the Par 4 10th hole
  • Grinters have made 2,980 Birdies in the more than 5,000 rounds that have been played at Torrey 
  • On the other hand, we have only seen 86 Eagles from our Grinters at Torrey, 6th Hole being the most Eagled hole (26 Eagles)
  • The HIGHEST score in a hole recorded by a (very honest) Grinter is 15. This unhappy record came at the 13th hole… we sincerely hope his round picked up after that or at least that someone bought a beer for the guy.

Back to the US Open! Who would you be rooting for this week? And if your job doesn’t allow you to follow the tournament live on TV, what’s your plan B?

(besides quitting, obviously)

Enjoy your golf!

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