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Golf can sometimes be… complicated, but re-living our best memories can be priceless. They help us overcome a particularly bad round and also give you bragging rights. Today, we’ll show you a feature that highlights your achievements as a golfer in the form of badges and lets you explore your friend’s achievements as well from your very own Trophy Room in TheGrint app.

Join us as we walk down memory lane and learn how to explore your trophy room in TheGrint app, see your friend’s achievements, understand the badges, and get ammo for friendly banter using the bad performance badges.

First of all, to get to your trophy room in TheGrint app, tap the CAREER icon from the home screen and then select TROPHY ROOM.

1- Understanding your Trophy Room in TheGrint App: 

The way we designed the trophy room is to reflect your milestones with badges. These will change color as you improve the level of your accomplishments, starting with bronze, silver, gold, and pink as the ultimate crowning achievement. Here’s an example of how that looks like:

2- Exploring where/when you got a badge: 

One of the aspects we like the most about this feature is that it lets you navigate to the particular scorecard of the round where that milestone was achieved. To do this, simply click on the badge and it will automatically take you to it.

To help you get a better sense of your milestones, you can also filter these by year or by specific course.

3- Checking out your friend’s trophies: 

It’s always fun to compare yourself against your friends, so of course, we added an option for you to take a peek at other Grinters’ badges and accomplishments. To do this:

From the trophy room and hit the TAP TO CHANGE under your name. Then select the friend you want to check out and that’s it!

4. Bad Performance Badges

Sometimes golf can go horribly wrong and there’s not much we can do about it except try and laugh it off. That’s why there’s also a section dedicated to bad performances right at the bottom of the trophy room. You can check out your (or your friend’s) worst score, worst # of putts, most double and triple bogeys, most 3-putts made, and other sad stats like that.

If you’re serious about improving your game, make sure you give our PRO membership a try. It will unlock stats about your game that will give you pointers on areas you need to improve, advanced tracking options like your approach accuracy, that will help you understand your game.

Enjoy your golf!

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  1. Dan

    What is the 72 club badge in the historical achievements section mean?

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