Adding a non-Grinter to a scorecard

If you’ve used our app on the course (which of course you have!) you may have come across this situation: as you’re setting up the round, one or more players of your foursome are not Grinters. But worry not! You can still add them to your scorecard. Today, we’ll show you how to add a non-Grinter to a scorecard (or a fellow Grinter who’s not your friend – yet)

Scenario #1: adding a non-Grinter to a scorecard.

I know it’s heartbreaking but there are STILL people who don’t use the best golf app out there. Before you resign to keeping score on a piece of paper like it’s the 1900’s, here’s what you do to salvage the situation:
1- In the PLAYER SETUP screen, tap the option “Add Non-Grinter by email” located at the bottom. You’ll be able to track their scores and they’ll receive an email with the final score for them to have.

Scenario #2: adding a Grinter who’s not your friend.

From the same PLAYER SETUP screen, look for the Grinter by their username or by quickly scanning their QR code (I covered this feature, here). Once you add said Grinter, you’ll have the option to add them as a friend or simply skip this step which makes sense if you’re unlikely to meet again.

Scenario #3: adding by email but he was already your friend in TheGrint

It happens to me as well! Once you’re on the starting tee, nothing else matters: you just want to hit that first driver and may forget you’re already friends with Bob. Once you add him via email a simple message will appear to remind you. Simply tap the name and it will be added to the scorecard.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you add someone by email, and they register eventually, it counts as a referral! So there’s also something in it for you: if you refer three friends, you’ll get a year of our PRO membership on us. It’s a WIN-WIN.

These scenarios will help you use TheGrint no matter who you’re playing with. It’s also a great thing to show off our amazing app to fellow golfers and help us grow our community!

As always, enjoy your golf!


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  1. Jeff Kirkwood

    Is there a way to add a non Grint friend without their email? I golfed the other day with some friends and they didn’t want their email involved because of the headache of having to deal with spam email. Can’t I just add a name without the email?

  2. Kevin Rantin

    What if I don’t want to ask some stranger for his email. Why can’t I just add a person?

  3. Ron Pipes

    I would like to add a non-grinter to a scorecard, your instructions say to go to the PLAYER SETUP screen. Where do I find the player setup screen? Thanks

  4. Terry Kim

    Hi Luis,
    Are there any ways to add any person without inviting him through email?
    This app is already quite amazing so I don’t think the company needs to force users to invite their friends to add scores.
    I also would like to ask why I cannot change their name on my side.
    (I wanted to use nicknames instead of their official names.)

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