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One of the aspects we love the most about TheGrint is the social quality of the app. By adding friends, you can keep tabs on them,¬†getting notifications whenever they start playing a round which is generally a good thing, except when you see them playing on a Tuesday morning while you’re stuck at the office.

Since this is a pretty common occurrence, we’re trying to limit that FOMO. So today, I’m going to show you how you can do a little friendly trash talk, send some attaboy’s whenever you see them holing from outside of the green, or making a Birdie. Here’s how you can comment on a Grinters Live Score.

First of all, make sure you have push notifications enabled so you can know when your Grinter friends are starting a round and when they make an exceptional play as well.

When you tap on these notifications or when you open TheGrint app, you will see the Home Page with a red blinking icon in the middle of the screen notifying you of how many¬† friend’s Live Score are currently happening. From here, it’s pretty straightforward:

1- Tap on the “Red Blinking Icon” which will take you to a screen showing all your friend’s live scores.

2. Tap the Round of the friend that you which to see and it will open the Scorecard for that round showing their progress up to the hole they are at, at that precise moment

2- From the Scorecard page, tap on the little chat bubble on the right bottom corner.

3- Type your message, hit send, and show some support! (or let the smack talk begin, depending on whether they invited you or not)

I hope this will make your experience on TheGrint even more fun and remember, our app is better when shared between friends! So get those referrals in to make the best golfing community out there, even bigger.

As always, enjoy your golf!

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