Scores of Grinters @ Royal St George’s

Golf is going home! It’s the week of the British Open and it will be played at the iconic course of Royal St George’s, located in Sandwich, England, and as we usually do, we’ll be doing a deep dive into how Grinters have played over there.

Before going into it, here’s a fun fact about the course: hole #4 features a huge dune that has the dubious honor of being the UK’s deepest bunker. It was also the first course to host the British Open outside of Scotland (in 1894).

Let’s take a look at the scores of Grinters @ Royal St George’s:

The average score of Grinters when they play here is 86. But interestingly enough the average Index of these players is 9.5 which is pretty low considering the average handicap of TheGrint community is 13.2.┬áMakes sense since the course is a bucket list for seasoned golfers and it’s not one to be taken lightly.

The two holes where Grinters have fared best are the only two par 5s. The 7th hole playing 0.17+ strokes over par which has seen 2 eagles made and the 14th hole playing 0.46+ strokes over par and 5 eagles made from players of our community.

On the flip side, the two toughest holes are the par 4 8th hole, playing 1.21+ strokes over par (with 5 triple bogeys or worse), and the par 4 4th hole, playing 1.17+ strokes over par.

The best score ever recorded by a Grinter was an astounding 64. SIXTY-FOUR… you could call that a ROYAL score (sorry, had to do it). But we’ll be having whatever that person has been eaten or drinking!

On the other end of the spectrum, the worst score by a Grinter was a 106… which is not an ideal score but is not the end of the world either.

Class dismissed! We hope you enjoy these tidbits and are fired up for a weekend full of golf.

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As always, enjoy your golf!

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