Easter Eggs in TheGrint App

As a team, we’re extremely proud of the amazing capabilities our golfing app offers. From # of putts to fairway accuracy, there are quite a few stats and features that you can measure in every round. Although most of them require you to manually input them, in this article I’m going to talk about what we call the “Easter Eggs” in TheGrint app that happen behind the scenes and may sound super obvious but each of them had a lot of thought behind them and some may have escaped your attention.

These are mathematical assumptions the app does to save you time.

1- Par 3 Birdies: On the Score Selector screen in a Par 3, if your first move is to change the score to a 2 (Birdie), the app will adjust the number of putts to 1 automatically. This is because in the majority of the cases Birdies on Par 3’s will come after hitting the green.

2- Apple Watch Skip Hazards: When using the Apple Watch if you are in a Par 4, and input your Score as a Par, 2 putts, and Hit fairway, the penalties screen will skip automatically.

3- GIR Automatic calculations: If you notice we give you the GIR% Stat (Greens in regulation). But you never input that manually in the Score Selector. So to get it, we simply use the Score and Putts data.  The app will mark you for a Green In Regulation when the “SCORE – PUTTS = PAR – 2”. Note: We assume all putts happened inside the green.

4- Par Saves: In a similar fashion, for Scrambling Stats we auto-calculate Par Saves and Bogey Saves. We do that by identifying Par Save chances and how many of those were converted. Same with Bogey Saves.

So we identify a Par Save Chance when “SCORE – PUTTS = PAR – 1”. And then to calculate the Par Saves% we divide those Par Save Chances that resulted in a Par by the total number of Par Save Chances. Bogey Saves% are calculated in a similar fashion.

These are features that improve your experience using the app

1- GPS Aimpoint: Our GPS functionality has a little target that you can move around. We call it the “Aim-Point”.  The cool thing is that the aim-point will position itself half an inch above your finger so you can see it.

2- Non-Grinter scorecard: If you added a non-Grinter friend to a scorecard, s/he will get an email with it. If they choose to join TheGrint (which they obviously will!) that scorecard will be automatically pre-loaded to their profile.

3- Importing Your Scores: We offer a service to import all your scores to TheGrint, either from an Excel sheet or from other golf apps. Get them in! (If interested reach out to contactus@thegrint.com to request it)

These little gems (and some other easter eggs we have) go a long way to making your experience, a little better every time and are made possible by our incredible dev. team who are not only passionate about UI/UX and coding, but also golf.

Have you found some of the other easter eggs? Comment below

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