Most Photographed Golf Courses in TheGrint App

As you probably know already, you can upload pictures of your round from TheGrint App. These will appear in your friend’s feed but also in the feed of all Grinters, so this is your chance to brag a little whenever you play an iconic course. This feature actually inspired us to create Scorecard Photos which I covered in this article.

Today, I’ll walk you through the top 10 most photographed golf courses in TheGrint App. Which one do you think makes it into the top 3? Read on to find out. Enjoy!

10- Oak Quarry Golf Club:
Breathtaking views of natural rock outcroppings and Championship level design, this beautiful course in California has a well-deserved spot in our top 10 most photographed golf courses.

A look at hole 16 thanks to Grinter Kirk Kranzer.

9- Kiawah Island Golf Resort:
An iconic venue that hosted a PGA event earlier in the year, this breathtaking and challenging course in South Carolina earns a spot in the top ten most photographed golf courses in TheGrint.


Grinter Andrew Tomasi with stunning drone footage

8- Kluang Country Club:
Greetings from Malaysia! We have a global community of golfers from all over the world using TheGrint app which is just awesome. Coming in at #8 we have this iconic course located in Kluang.

Image courtesy of Grinter Foo Yong Fei

7- Wolf Creek Golf Course:
Stunning backdrops, impeccable conditions, and a challenging design, this course located in Nevada has been described by Grinters as “a must-play course”.

A look at the 12th hole by Grinter Chris Ojo

6- Junko Golf Club:
All the way from Venezuela where TheGrint’s golfing community is still going strong. This beautiful course overlooks the Caribbean Sea while the elevation (5,000 ft) helps to keep things cool.

Thanks to Grinter JJ Rodríguez for this picture.

5- Pebble Beach Golf Links:
There’s nothing much we can say that you don’t already know about this legendary golf course in California. No surprises here, making it into the top-5 of our most photographed golf courses in TheGrint.

Grinter JJ Brag giving us a look at the 18th hole.

4- Scotland Run Golf Club:
Built in an old sand quarry, this iconic course in New Jersey just barely misses the podium! Get ready to fly them over extensive waste areas and imposing cliffs.

Grinter C Wanamaker getting his approach shot dialed in at hole 17.

3- Chambers Bay Golf Course
The extraordinary views of the Pudget Sound and the Olympic Mountains provide an incredible experience to golfers of all levels of play while offering championship challenges for the more skilled golfers.













Start’em young! Grinter Seve Manuel in the practice area before teeing off with a future champ.¬†

2- Bethpage State Park | Black:
Claiming the second spot on the most photographed golf courses is one of the most cherished links in the country thanks to its convenient location from, close to New York City.

Grinter Ben Collins giving us a look at the 17th hole

1- Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course | South:
Not your average muni… the accessibility, the conditions, the iconic backdrops overlooking the Pacific make this beauty the champion of our most photographed golf courses.

A look at hole #9 by Grinter Michael Gamboa

I want to close this article by giving a special thanks to all the Grinters out there who enjoy sharing content from their rounds! Even if it’s not in a world-class course, having fun and creating memories is what it’s all about (and dropping Birdies of course).

I hope you enjoyed this unique article and use it for future reference when planning your next golfing trip. Enjoy your golf!

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