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Playing some side bets during a round of golf is a pretty common occurrence between golfers around the world. It serves to add a little spice to the round and can even help you stay focused since there’s something to play for in every hole. Today, we’ll share the most used games by Grinters!

7- Coming in 7th place, the least used game in TheGrint is the Modified version of Stableford with 2.2% of total games played between Grinters.

6- Niner: A close 6th, it makes sense that this is not a hugely popular game since it requires exactly three players! However, 7.1% of games are enjoyed by these threesomes since we included it in our app.

5- Medal: Since this is basically a stroke play competition you can argue that every foursome plays this regardless of any side bets so we can see why it may not be higher up on the list. So far, 7.2% of games that have been played are Medal games!

4- High & Low: Almost making it into the top three with 8.2% of games played between Grinters.

3- Stableford Classic: In the 3rd place of the podium, we got our classic version of Stableford with 8.5% of games played so far in our app. How many points would you be getting if you had played during this during your last round?

2- Skins: Little surprise here since Skins, we were not expecting this one! An astounding 24.9% of games are Skins.

1- Match Best Ball: Our champion of the most used games in TheGrint is Best Ball! With 41.9% of total games played it has almost as much as the rest of the games combined. Maybe it’s because it adds a little team play in what normally is a very personal game but whatever the reason, it’s definitely a house favorite!

Do you normally play any of these games during your round or do you prefer to compete against yourself? However you do it, enjoy your golf!

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