How To Edit Playing Handicaps

As you probably know already, whenever you start a round using TheGrint app it automatically sets each player’s Course Handicap by taking into account certain variables like the course’s par, rating, and slope. After these calculations (which happen automatically), each player will show (in theory) the handicap that most closely relates to hers/his abilities for that course.

Since this is a mathematical calculation, we don’t really recommend changing it too much.  However, understanding that there are special situations in which you would want to change the course handicap of a player, I’ll show you how to edit playing handicaps.

How to edit playing handicaps:

1- After setting up your round, tap on the top left corner of your screen to open “ROUND OPTIONS”.
2- From the options on the left, tap “PLAYERS & HANDICAPS”. This will take you to a screen showing each player with their respective handicap.
3- To edit the handicap of a player, simply tap on the number. This will open a drop-down menu at the bottom from which you’ll choose the new handicap that will be assigned to the player in question.

NOTE: For Leaderboards or Ryder Cup format, the option to edit a player’s handicap may not be available if the organizer has turned off the “Allow Edit” handicap options.

Enjoy your golf!

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