How To Link Scorecards in TheGrint App

If you’ve played with a group of Grinters, you may have realized that if you kept track of scores for the group then other players in the foursome could not do the same. In today’s article, I’ll walk you through a major update to show you how to link scorecards in TheGrint App.

NOTE: This feature was released Sept 16th 2021. Make sure you have the latest version. 

Before we jump right in, the main benefit of having a linked scorecard is that every Grinter will now be able to track their scores and their advanced stats from their own device while having a common scorecard that reflects all the scores from the different players and game totals. This also allows visibility on the scores of other players even when not keeping track of their scores.

How to link scorecards in TheGrint App
I’ll explain the two cases: as the owner of the scorecard and as a linked player.

Owner: Set up the round and add the other Grinters to a scorecard as you’d normally do. Keep in mind that even though linked players can modify their own scores, the Owner is the only one who can assign tee boxes, edit handicaps and manage Games.

Linked player: When the round is created, you’ll receive a notification that your friend has added you to a scorecard. You’ll then have the option to tap “JOIN” and after doing so, you’ll be able to keep track of your own scores during the round.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind when using this feature:

When do the scores reflect in the scorecard? The moment you move on from a hole, the owner’s device and the server sync to consolidate the information. This is called Push and Pull. (Push is when you add info to a database, the Pull occurs when you take information from it).

What happens when there are conflicting scores? The moment this happens, you’ll each get a notification alerting you that the score for the particular hole, is different. Whenever this happens, the server will validate the latest data that was input.

That’s it! I hope you learned how to link scorecards in TheGrint app after reading this. We feel it’s a pretty helpful update, one of many the team will keep doing to make our app, even better.

Enjoy your golf!

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  1. Very important when you are having multiple players of the same group trying to manage their own stats.
    Thanks will give it a try.

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