Top 10 Driver Brands in Grinters Bag

Did you know that you can select from more than 150 different driver brands in our database? I analyzed the data from Grinters that reported their bag on the app and compiled a list of all the declared driver brands.

The result was this chart of the five most popular driver brands within TheGrint community. Let’s dig in!

It’s no surprise that the biggest brands in the industry are among the top 5 most popular in our community. You’ll probably recognize them  (🤓)

Important Note: This exercise is just to understand the most used Driver brands in TheGrint and its community. So it might not reflect the overall market. 

Reminder: Declare your bag here! If you add your golf bag to the app, you’ll be able to report and track shots by golf club model with the Advanced Score Tracker (only for PRO members). By doing so, the app can help you compare the performance between 2 different driver models. It’s very useful for keeping track of your distances and getting more insights into your accuracy, almost like having a pocket-sized coach.

Liked this Data Nugget exercise? I’ll be soon reporting brands data on irons, fairway woods, wedges, and putters. Now we ask you: What golf equipment information would you like to know?

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