Netflix PGA Docuseries – What to Expect?

The PGA is getting their own Drive to Survive-style documentaries on Netflix.

Six months ago, I started watching Formula 1: Drive to Survive. For context, I knew nothing about motorsports. Now nothing excites me more than getting up at 8 AM on a Grand Prix Sunday. When I found out that the same creators were allied with the Tour and the major championships for a Netflix PGA docuseries, I asked myself: will the Formula 1 impact occur this time in terms of attracting new fans to the sport?

We’ve all seen that major impact Drive to Survive has had on growing F1 fandom, especially in the US, with Grand Prix rights-holder ESPN noting that viewership had increased from roughly 547,000 in 2018 to nearly 1 million in 2022. This is definitely an interesting way of rewarding exposure and building interest in Golf.

They are actually human

This series manages to make the audience empathize with the athlete and say “Hey look, they are actually human”. Behind the scenes, the intensity of training, travel, victory, and defeat is captured through the day-to-day life of the athlete and his teams, giving golf fans a look into the real lives of those at the elite level. 

“This partnership with Netflix presents the PGA TOUR and the four major championships an opportunity to tap into a completely new and diverse audience,” said Rick Anderson, Chief Media Officer of the PGA TOUR. 

No, no Tiger

Twenty-two players have signed on to feature, which will film through the Tour Championship in August, but sadly will not stream until several months after that.

The biggest names missing are Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy, Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson, and the recent World Golf Hall of Fame acquisition (watch the speech here and promise not to cry), Tiger Woods. 

So, Grinters, get ready for the popcorn time and some goosebumps. I’m sure this Netflix PGA docuseries will be worth it. And if you’re not a fan of golf, give the chapters a chance. It will change your perspective of this wonderful sport. 🍿⛳ Enjoy your golf!

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