Introducing GHAP to TheGrint

Letter from our CEO | June 28th 2022 | Introducing GHAP


We just launched a new and exciting update. It includes an additional option for Handicapping. From now on we will allow you to select between two different Handicap Systems providers: WHS (e.g. GHIN) or GHAP (our new integration).  

Update your iOS or Android app now to get access! 

GHAP (Golf Handicap for Amateurs Platform) is a new data driven global handicap system made for the day to day golfer who just wants to know their number and compete with friends. 

WHS will continue to be our default. For those who compete in USGA sanctioned events, you can continue to link and manage your WHS (e.g. GHIN) Handicap ID from TheGrint.   

When I started TheGrint one of our missions was to support the game of golf by making handicapping more available. Giving this option to our community is a great step towards that mission, by having a more affordable priced option. 

Enjoy your golf!

JT | TheGrint CEO and Founder




Why have a second handicap system option?

As you know, in TheGrint you can add your Handicap ID (e.g. GHIN#) and it will synchronize all your scores. However, since January 2022 we are no longer allowed to include a Handicap ID in your PRO memberships.

Many of you expressed your concern about the cost to obtain a Handicap from the USGA or your State Associations on top of your PRO membership. So, after looking at many options, we have a partner that we believe has the best solution for our community.  

Additionally, we cannot provide linked access to WHS outside of the USA, so we wanted to add a trustworthy solution for our international community.  

So, if you have a WHS Handicap ID (e.g. GHIN#) you can still use it. But if you just want to compete with Friends or large groups within TheGrint you can choose to use GHAP.


Why GHAP? Does it work?

By listening to you, we learned that many of our Grinters simply want a number to compete with their friends. However, we also heard that this system should still be Trustworthy and Reliable

GHAP was developed by a group of engineers and mathematicians that leveraged over 30 million golf scores from real golfers in courses worldwide to develop a data driven Handicap System. And it works. 

Internally at TheGrint, to test their system, we ran a significant number of golf match simulations using our own data from real golfers. Then we compared the results of GHAP with the equivalent of using other more established Handicap Systems. We found very minimal differences. 


Will I be able to use GHAP Handicap in official events?

Events and its organizers decide what they accept and what they don’t for handicapping. For certain, State Association events or private clubs will not accept GHAP as a Handicapping system at the beginning. Having said that, TheGrint Tour events will accept GHAP. 

GHAP is a great solution if you have a small or large group of friends that know each other and want to compete. But if you want to use it with people outside of TheGrint community or the GHAP network, then it won’t have the same effect. 


What’s the cost of GHAP? 

Our deal with GHAP includes a 6 month free trial for ALL of our Grinters. No credit card required. Activate yours here (the My Handicap section of TheGrint App).  

After the 6 months, you can get a GHAP# included in any of our PRO Membership plans. Or by paying a small annual fee in the tune of $9.99/yr. 


Can someone with a WHS Handicap ID (e.g. GHIN#) compete with someone with a GHAP#?

While the differences are small, the two systems should not be used without converting to an equivalent. TheGrint will convert it for you. 

By running the simulations mentioned in the previous question, our data team developed a “Conversion Algorithm” that would allow you to compete. This will be done automatically in the Player Selection screen when you set up your round.


Is my Handicap in GHAP different from my Index in WHS?

Yes they are different. For the majority of the golfers, the numbers will be very similar since they both represent the potential ability of the golfer against the par of the course.

Main differences are the way course difficulty is measured, the amount of scores considered, the formula itself and the way gross scores are adjusted.   


If I already have a WHS Handicap ID (e.g. GHIN#), Should I get a GHAP#?

While you don’t need to get a GHAP if you already have a WHS Handicap ID, it doesn’t really cost you anything. So we are encouraging everyone to activate their GHAP#s.

This would allow you to compete directly with Grinters who only have GHAP. 


Is GHAP available for Women?

Of course. One of the things we love about the GHAP system is that it does not differentiate between men and women. Both are measured with the same stick. 

So in GHAP a man with a 7.2 Handicap, plays the same level as a woman who is 7.2 Handicap. There is no differentiation for the difficulty values of a teebox for men or women. 


If I activate GHAP, What data will you share with them?

Your personal information will not be shared. When we activate your GHAP all we share is your rounds and those are used to calculate your handicap in an anonymous way. We do not send your name, email or any personal information.  


Why are there terms different when I change my setting to GHAP? 

The World Handicap System owns the trademark of several of the terms included in the system. So terms like Handicap Index, Course Ratings, and others should be used properly respecting the ownership of these concepts and marks. 

The GHAP organization developed its own Handicap System with its own terms, as well as their own database of course difficulty values. 


How can I learn more?

You can visit to learn more about their Handicap System.

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  1. Hector A Rodriguez

    Well, I am a Grinter since 2019 and a use the app every time I go to play golf. I used to be a Pro Member, but I find it expensive for what I use it for. I was really excited with this new handicap system being inexpensive and that work for somebody like me.

    I am really surprise that the CEO of The Grint announce this so inaccurate. He said that it is free for six months, that they will not ask for a credit card, and after that it will cost about $9 a year, NONE of this turns out to be true. I immediately after watching the video went back and login into my Grint account and went to membership where I could see the new GHAP system. They are asking for $19.99/year, they do ask for a credit card, and there is not 6 month for free anywhere.

    I wish there will be a way to upload pictures in the comments, so I could take a screenshot of the actual sign in for GHAP, but go look for yourself and find out the real deal. Only computer base platform, there is nothing about this in The Grint app.

    • Hi Hector – the price will be $9.99/yr. If you are seeing $19.99/yr is just legacy code from our previous Handicap Membership and we will fix it. Currently any GHAP activation is free for 6 months, so no one needs to pay for that. Sorry for the confusion.

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