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Are you one of those golfers that are always thinking about which course they like best?

I know I am…

For that reason, we developed the “Courses” module in TheGrint where you can rank your list of played courses,add courses to your bucket list, and discover new ones.

Today, I want to share with you my personal list. I have been fortunate enough to play in some great public tracks in different countries around the world, and when I play a course I like, I always always rank it.

Which criteria do you use to rank courses?

To simplify my process, every time I play a new course I start making comparisons with specific golf courses. I ask the following question:

If I had one last round to play, ever, would I rather play course A or course B?

So for example, I recently played Spyglass Hill. It settled in at number 10 because I would rather play the Straits courses than Spyglass, but would rather play Spyglass than #2.


This process is very personal, and I am sure that as you go through the list, you will disagree a LOT with me. But I guess that is exactly what makes this fun.

My Number #1

In 2021 I was fortunate enough to visit and play in Ireland, and I had one goal in mind – to play Royal County Down. And wow! I got a perfect sunny day that made this golf course even better than it already is. RCD is tough, very tough, especially when it is windy. But it is also so incredibly inviting, the shots are in front of you, you just have to make them.

Royal County Down

The course layout, the size of it, the raw beauty of it, how fun these shots are is something that I can’t really explain. But if you are ever around, make every possible effort to play it.


I think Chambers Bay is an underrated golf course. I rank it 5th which it way higher than I expected before playing it. I don’t think it gets enough credit for how good and massive this place is.

Chambers Bay

When people see Kingsley in my top 10 they usually ask, what is this course doing here? This Mike Devries design in Michigan (private) is a gem, and its architectural/natural features are out of this world.


El Junko Golf Club in number 42 is another surprise for people. This is the golf course I grew up playing. And quite frankly, if I had one last round of golf I would play there. The only reason it is not first is because objectively it’s tough to argue 😂

El Junko

Check below my Top 50 Golf Courses

Top50 Courses

Keep Grinting and Hit’em Straight!

From Jose Torbay | CEO & Founder, “a.k.a.” grinter001

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  1. Dan Bowmaster

    Sorry that you didn’t list any of the great Canadian courses,but I feel this must be a USA site.
    Seems we get forgotten.

  2. Rob Gillespie

    I think that you need to visit South Africa and play 20 – 30 rounds here. I believe that your course ratings list will change significantly!

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