2023 State of the Union, a letter from our CEO

As our land warms up and our golf bug begins to unleash its desires, I wanted to take the opportunity to share where we are as a community and our plans for the 2023 season.

When we first launched our apps in 2013, almost 10 years ago, our mission was simple: to change the way people experience their golf inside and outside of the golf course. Nowadays it is a more frequent occurrence when I hear people tell me things like “it is so cool when I am in my office, and get a push saying that my friend made a Birdie”.

We’ve come a long way over those 10 years. And with millions of users and scores every year I feel compelled to say that we have become one of the most vibrant golf communities in the world. And with that… a lot more responsibility to keep it going.

In 2023, we will be releasing a lot of key features, with a big focus on adding more value to PRO members, but always making sure that our free users continue to have a compelling experience.

Here are some of our 2023 most recent updates and more of whats to come:

  • Scorephotos 2.0: Improving the way you customize your score posts
  • TheGrint Tour Website 2.0: Revamp experience for Tour participants
  • Groups: A tool for Ring Leaders to organize their outings — Think Evite for Golf
  • Season Replay: A great way to visualize your starting point for the 2023 Season.
  • More Games: Over 20 new game types and game variants, including Wolf, Longest Yard, Vegas + More (PRO Members)
  • Watch: New Face, Green Maps in Watch, Shot Tracking, GPS Map (PRO Members)
  • Wallet Integration: Enhanced features and now directly on TheGrint (PRO Members)
  • Redesigned Website: A needed uplift for those that prefer our web interface — especially strong for accessing and analyzing stats
  • Surprise: You’ll have to wait for this one, a lot of app copy cats are reading this.

Plus numerous small features and fixes that our team releases every month. We are so excited to see how you leverage all these features to improve your golf experience.

AND… I would not be doing my job if I don’t ask you to consider becoming a PRO user. The cost is less than a dozen of golf balls ($39) and it empowers TheGrint to hire and do more for you.

Or, help us grow our community and get rewarded for it! Invite 3 friends to TheGrint and become PRO for free.

Thanks again for being a Grinter. Our community is stronger than ever before, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2023.

I’ll close with a phrase I that gets me pumped and have heard separately from many of you: “If you don’t upload it to TheGrint, did it really happen?”


Jose Torbay
Founder and CEO of TheGrint

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