Advanced games features: Multi-games and Presses

As a Pro member, you get access to all 11 games and 50+ variants available on TheGrint, as well as a few killer features that you’ll love on the course – multi-games and unlimited presses.


First, you have the ability to run multiple games at once.

If your group normally plays a team format best ball while running skins on the side – you can run that easily on TheGrint. Or maybe your Saturday league runs a net stableford game with a gross medal game on the side, and a side payout for most greenies (calculated in the Marks game).

There are endless ways to add more enjoyment to your round by running multiple games at once.

How it works:

One common example is running Vegas alongside a Skins game.

The Vegas format, if you recall, requires some mental math skills (handled for you by the app), forming a total from your pairs scores and subtracting it from your opponents.

  • A&B score a 5 and a 6. (56)
  • C&D score a 4 and a 7. (47)
  • C&D therefore gain 9 points, (56-47 = 9)

This is a fun team game, allowing all players in your group to compete alongside each other while still playing their own ball.

And since everyone is playing their own ball, it leaves the perfect opportunity to run additional games at the same time. We often see Grinters playing Vegas alongside Skins.

In Skins, every player is competing against each other, and you play for 1 point on each hole. The player with the lowest score on the hole takes the point. If there is a tie for the best score on any given hole no one takes the point – and the points carry over to the next hole.

As a Pro member, you can only run 1 game at a time. As a Pro member, you can set up as many games as you like and run them in parallel.

So even if you can’t win a skin, you can still recoup your losses from the Vegas game, and vice versa. Or if you and your partner are on fire, you could walk away with 2 victories, one for each game.

Next time you head to the course, try pairing a team game with an individual based game!



The second main difference is the use of ‘presses’.

A press is a new bet opened during the match when a player or team is down in the match. They’re available at any time before the game is terminated.

If you’re 2 down after 5, you can choose to play another game over the last four holes of the front 9. A new way of saying ‘double or nothing!’

This means you can double down on games, keeping the stakes high if a game looks like it might end early.

Why ‘press?’

Say you’re having a terrible day out on the greens, and no putt has dropped. You’re a few holes down with a handful to go – and you want to make the following holes count for something. Sure, you could say double or quits between your friends. Or, you could add a ‘press’.

The ‘press’ will allow you to make a new game of the final holes, before the original game is finished. This is recommended in any environment as it keeps all players at the table even after the initial result has been confirmed.

If you love to increase the stakes, or try and win your money back, this feature is for you!

Next time you’re on the course, try out multiple games at once, and fire off unlimited presses as a Pro member of TheGrint.

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