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Besides striving for impressive features, we’re also fostering a fast-growing community of golfers from all around the world, the social aspect of the game is one we take seriously. That’s why with TheGrint app you’ll be able to see your friend’s scores, records, and stats, and our golf league tracker (Live Leaderboards) will become your favorite tool to organize large get-togethers on the links.

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TheGrint originally got started to allow amateur golfers to have a free golf handicap without having to belong to a green grass golf club? We wanted to democratize access to a legit USGA handicap index® for all golfers and wanted to improve the process behind it.

Our journey began in May 2012 and has been full of learning and growth. What started as a golf handicap calculator, has evolved to what we are now: the best golf app and golf tracker that lets you keep your head in the game.

We’re incredibly grateful that you are part of this growing community, and we’ll keep listening and evolving with the game to make golf accessible to more and more people.

Enjoy your golf!