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The Handicap Index is intended to represent a golfer’s potential ability.  Therefore, it is not calculated using the Score Average. The Handicap is calculated using the Handicap Differentials of your best rounds.

Having said that, the Handicaps are now calculated by the USGA directly. We provide the USGA the information they need to calculate the Handicap for you and they calculate it every night, at midnight. 

This is how is calculated,

Handicap Differential is: (ESC Score – Course Rating ) *113 / Slope Rating

So, the more Scores you have uploaded to your TheGrint Account, the more accurate your Handicap Index will be. 

With the new World Handicap System (WHS), you only need at least 3 Scores of 18-holes (it can be a mix of 9-hole scores and 18-hole scores).

The Index is calculated based on the lowest Handicap Differentials you have among your Scores.  If you have 20 or more scores uploaded, the lowest 8 out of your last 20 scores will be the ones counting towards your Index.

In case you need or want to calculate the Course Handicap for one of your Rounds, this is the new Formula:

Handicap Index x (Slope Rating/113) + (Course Rating- Par).

And there is your Golf Handicap Index!

To read more, click here.

The Combined Scores process is done by the USGA, automatically. 

Every 2  9-hole Scores you upload to your TheGrint account, the system will combine them and add the Score to your Scores list as an 18-hole Score. 

It will be shown as Combined ( C ). 

This is a new Rule set by the World Handicap System. For more information, check out the USGA Rules Book (here), Rule 5.1b. 

Combined Scores can’t be deleted. If there is a mistake with one of the 9-holes used on the Combined Score, the 9-hole Score itself is the one that has to be deleted.

When one of the 9-hole scores is deleted the following happens:

  • 1. The Combined Score is deleted both in the WHS and in TG.

  • 2. The "widow" score is now alone and if it's still eligible (within the time frame of the last 20 scores) the system will try to match it. If there's one 9-hole score waiting for a match they will be automatically matched. If there is no one pending, then the widow score stays as pending waiting for the next score to combine.

Because of the USGA changes starting in 2022, we can no longer issue WHS#'s. However, if you need a WHS#/GHIN# immediately, you can go to your local Golf Course or to your Golf Association's website and get a GHIN# through them. After you get your GHIN# you can connect that GHIN# to your TheGrint account and then manage your Scores and Stats through TheGrint. You can go here and get a GHIN# from your Local Association:
You can also go to this link here, and get a GHIN# right there. 
Having said this, as soon as you connect the GHIN# you will have a USGA Compliant Handicap.

There are two things you can do:

  1. You can use the Course Update Tool through our Website to update the information you saw we have outdated.
    1. You can find this link by going to Courses on the Top Menu
    2. Then click on “Can’t find a Course?”
    3. Then click on “Edit A Course”
    4. Search for the Course
    5. Then click on “Edit Golf Course Info” or Edit Scorecard”
    6. We will revise the information you update and we will Approve it (or we may disapprove it) as soon as we are able to Verify the information.
  2. You can send us an e-mail to with the Name and Location of the Golf Course we need to update and if you have their updated Scorecard with you, we would appreciate it very much if you could take a Picture of it and attach it to the e-mail you send us.

The Private Upload Option you see before you Upload your Score (through the App or Website) allows you to Upload that particular Score to your Account but it does not show the Score on the Activity Feed, meaning that no one will see that you Uploaded that Score to your Account.

This doesn’t mean that that particular Score doesn’t count towards your Handicap or Stats, it does count. 

And if anyone goes into your Profile and to your Scoring Records, they will be able to see that Private Score.

Your WHS# Handicap ID and Index will be displayed in any Handicap Lookup performed in or any USGA connected Handicap Lookup. However, that does not mean you can login in

The reason is because with our WHS# you are not getting an account for You are getting a Handicap ID from the USGA that can be used to lookup your Handicap and Scores from any USGA connected provider. 

Your WHS# can be searched within GHIN by someone who has an account with them directly or they can use our Handicap Lookup tool on the Website or App. Please rest assured that your WHS# was issued at the USGA servers and are fully compliant.

Check it out here:


The Scorecard Picture Service (SPS) works like this:

  1. Take a Pic of your Scorecard.
  2. Upload it to TheGrint and
  3. We do the rest for you! It just takes 45 secs (yes we timed it!).

In order for us to understand what you are writing, make sure to follow our guidelines. They are old-fashioned and very simple, here they are:

You want to be the Chairman of your Club but want to know what you have to do before you apply? 

Here they are:

Or you can Click Here, Login and see them right on your TheGrint Profile. 

TheGrint Chairman Duties

To be able to form a golf club, the USGA requires one Chairman to supervise golf activities. Being a Chairman at is extremely simple as almost all activities are performed automatically. To get started the potential Chairman needs to take and pass the USGA Handicap Seminar

Chairman duties are highlighted in this document with (Chairman) 
TheGrint duties are highlighted in this document with (TheGrint)

Members of a golf club should have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with each other. Members should also be able to inspect each other scores.

All these guidelines have been established by the USGA and must be followed strictly. Failure to follow these bylaws could result in removal from the club.


Golf club compliance prerequisites

Section 1.1 The golf club must contain at least 10 members. (TheGrint)
Section 1.2 Thegolf club must be licensed with the USGA. (TheGrint)
Section 1.3 Chairman must take and pass the USGA Handicap Seminar. (Chairman)


Committee duties

Section 1.1 The Chairman must understand the USGA Handicap System and revisit the content as needed to ensure keeping up to date. (Chairman)
Section 1.2 The committee is responsible for the computation of each members Handicap Index and the publication on the 15th and 30th of each month. (TheGrint)
Section 1.3 Chairman should ensure to the best of his/her ability that all scores are posted and are accurate (Chairman)
Section 1.4 Is advisable that the committee sends a notice at the beginning of the season to outline the USGA Handicap system and stress the importance of reporting acceptable scores and the committees and chairman responsibilities: (TheGrint)
1.4.1 How and where scores are returned 
1.4.2 How Handicap Cards will be labeled and issued 
1.4.3 How Handicaps are verified on each revision 

Section 1.5 The committee should display USGA Course and Slope ratings for all courses in the area. (TheGrint)
Section 1.6 The committee should display all members Handicap Indexes and Course Handicaps. (TheGrint)
Section 1.7 The chairman should examine the results of the club’s tournaments.(Chairman)
Section 1.8 The chairman has the responsibility of reviewing the data entered into, applying all other procedures of the USGA Handicap System. (Chairman)
Section 1.9 The committee has the responsibility of obtaining the scoring records of a new member. Same apply to members coming back to the club after being absent(TheGrint)
Section 1.10 The committee must review the accuracy of the scoring records and the calculation methodology (TheGrint)
Section 1.11 The handicap committee should have the ability to issue a player handicap card. These handicap cards will be distributed via website or email if the member is subscribed to this s ervice. (TheGrint)

Thank you for contacting us.

If you upload the Score hole-by-hole (or through SPS), the ESC, now called Adjusted Gross Score (Max Score/Net Double Bogey) is calculated automatically, based on your Course Handicap.  The formula is: Par + 2 strokes + any Handicap strokes received on the Hole.

If you upload the Total Score, you would have to calculate the Adjusted Gross Score yourself and upload that instead of the Gross Score. 

You can see the Adjusted Gross Score on the Website, below the Score (hole-by-hole) when you View the Score.

You do not need to adjust it manually when you upload it Hole-by-hole or through SPS, the system will do it automatically using your Course Handicap.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Yes, we can! This is how it works:

You have two options, you can quickly do it yourself with our import tool. Or we can do it for you

1) Do it yourself: Import Tool

Then, to import scores, simply Copy/Paste your Scores into the Table. Organize your Table in a Spreadsheet with One Round per Row and Copy/Paste that table to the one on the TheGrint Website. Make sure you input the Course, Tee Box and Date for each Round.

2) We do it for you! (Only for PRO Members)

2. a. If you have the Pro Membership, you could send us the pictures of your Scorecards using the Scorecard Picture Service on the App and we would upload the scores for you. 

You can read more about the SPS Service in our Blog here.

2. b If you have your Scores on an Excel Sheet, you can send it to and we will transcribe the scores for you. Just make sure the Scores have the Date, Tees, Course (Name and location) and the Score of course. 

2.c If you have the Scores on another service and you want to transfer them to your TheGrint account, email us at requesting this and we will send you the guidelines for us to do this.

The USGA Club you were assigned when you created your TheGrint account is based on your Zip Code. These Clubs are Type 3 Clubs, meaning that these Clubs are Virtual Clubs created within USGA guidelines.

However, if your local Golf Course gave you a GHIN# or they claim the GHIN# (WHS#) you got from TheGrint, that Club will become your USGA Club within TheGrint. 

If you have any questions, email our Customer Success Team at 

There might be a few reasons why your Handicap is not updating or not showing what you think you have as a Handicap Index.

The first thing you have to know is that Handicaps are revised every night, at midnight. 

Secondly, Handicaps are calculated using the lowest 8 Handicap Differentials out of your last 20 scores. It is NOT calculated using your Scoring Average.

To learn more about how the Handicap is calculated, you can go to our Blog and read the Handicap Article here.

You can also send us an email at and we will check your account to be sure it is updating correctly. 

If you sent us your Scorecard and more than 10 Minutes have passed and your Score isn’t in your Account still, it is probably because you sent it outside of our SPS Hours, but if you send it between the SPS Schedule and it didn't upload, send us an e-mail to and we will check for you.

As you might know, we have a Team dedicated to uploading every single Scorecard our Grint Members send through the SPS Service. They will upload your Score as soon as they receive it if you send it within these Time Frames:

Monday through Sunday - 12PM to 8PM ET

If you send your Score after or before those Hours, they will upload it as soon as they get to it. If you send your Score within these Hours, your Score should be in your Account within 5 Minutes of sending it.

Yes. They can (it would be easier if they would Join TheGrint though).

TheGrint Handicaps are part of the USGA's World Handicap System. If you search any connected Handicap Lookup you will find your Handicap. 

Connected Handicap Lookups include TheGrint, and others. 

Here is a link to TheGrint's Handicap Lookup, here. Then they just have to type your Name.

Yes. You can upload that Round to your Account. All you have to do is before you start Tracking your Score using the App, select the Option that says “Practice Round” (located on the “Tracking Options”). Then just track and upload your Score as if it is a Normal Round.

That Round won’t count towards your Handicap but it WILL Count towards your Stats. 

That’s no problem. You can actually make your whole Account Private. HOWEVER, your Scores and Handicap will be visible for anyone who searches for your Name or GHIN# within the Handicap Lookup tool. They won't see more than that. 

If Grinters that are not your Friends search for you within the Friends' feature on the App or Website, will only see your Full Name and Handicap. But no scores listed there or any of your personal information. 

Your Scores and Handicap are visible within the Handicap lookup because of Handicap Revisions and for review. 

To make your account Private, go to your Profile - within the App: Go to Personal Info and turn OFF the Public Profile button. Within the Website: Go to your Profile. Go to Preferences and turn OFF the Public Profile button.

For further questions, don't hesitate to email us at 

Yes. You do! 

The Handicap Card is located on the Top left menu on the App - under My Handicap. Tap on the Top right card and it will come up.

It is also on the Top carousel on the App. Swipe left and tap on "Full" next to your Handicap Card. 

On the Website, it is located on the right hand side on the Home Screen. Click on "Full" next to your Handicap Card. 

Or on the left menu on the Home Screen, click on the Top icon (Card) and you can also access it through there. On the right hand side you will see an Option that says “Print" in case you want to Print it. 

Yes! To both. 

You can Pause & Exit the Round from the Score tracker menu (top left nine dots) or close the App during the Round. By doing that the Round will be saved on the Unfinished Round list, which is on the Play option, on the App.

From that list you can tap on that Score, complete it and upload it to your Account. OR you can delete it from there and not upload it at all.


Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.