Golfers Handicap Distribution – What is the Average Golf Handicap?

You probably know how your Handicap compares against your friends which gives you a decent idea of your golfing skills. However, have you ever wondered how you compare with the average golf handicap within the TheGrint community?

We went on a quest and analyzed the millions of golf rounds uploaded into TheGrint. And this is the data that came out!

The average Handicap Index in our community is 13.2 while the median is lower at ~11.5. We were surprised to see that over a third of our community are single-digit handicap players.

As a reference, we also wanted to share this   article (click here)   from the USGA which shows the average handicap of golfers in the US is around 14.2… which means Grinters outplay the average US golfers by 1 full stroke 😉

While we were at it, we also thought it would be interesting to see how likely it is for Grinters to break ‘100. ‘90, and ‘80 on a good day.

This is an aggregate data graph, so to read this data you should see the totals above. So for example, the purple circle indicates that 93% of golfers can break 100 on a good day of golf (that number includes the purple, red and blue bars).

If you have not broken 100 yet, don’t despair, as you can see most Grinters get to break 100 eventually when they use TheGrint.

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Enjoy your Golf!

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