The Golf Handicap and why it matters

The Golf Handicap is in my opinion one of the reasons why golf is so addictive to so many people. Of course there are many factors that makes golf great, but you got to give it to the Scots who are in part given credit with coming up with the origins of handicapping.

Think about any other sport, there are not too many that can measure your ability so precisely like Golf. Maybe Bowling, but I cannot come up with any other sport, any ideas? please add them below on the comments section.

And that “being able to measure your ability” is what makes it so cool. Humans are animals of pride, and we want to show how good we are at doing something. And even for those who doesn’t care about showing others, they generally care about showing themselves.

So regardless of all the complexity of the USGA Handicap System, it is definitely one of the things that makes golf so great. When you add stats like GIR%, Putts, Fairway Accuracy, and other like the ones we have at TheGrint, then it becomes even more addictive. Specially if you can share it with your friends online.

Most people get a golf handicap when they are going to compete in a tournament or with friends. But I definitely recommend you get your handicap even if you don’t compete. It makes the game so much better. Of course, coming from an advocate of TheGrint it has some element of subjectivity, but in any case few golfers argue the advantages of having a golf handicap.

I leave you with this picture we got Yesterday from one of our members. Taken at the break of dawn, it inspires golf in every way…

Enjoy your Golf!

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  1. Frank Pouyat

    When posting scores, if my handicap is a 22, and I had a 9 on one hole should I post the nine or round down to 8, the allowable number of stokes per hole?

    • You should post what you did on the hole, the system will automatically adjust it for you.

      So in this case write down 9. It will continue to show 9, your score is your score. However, for handicap purposes it will use 8 (assuming you are a 20-30 handicap).

      Hope it helps!

  2. Harold Tompkins

    how do you calculate a tournament round, or where do I put the tournament score?

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