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One of the good things about the Golf Off Season (not that we like it!) is that there is a lot of Free Time (“Range Time”) that you can take advantage to keep up your Golf Game or Golf Handicap.

This is the best time to look around the industry and see what is new out there… either Golf Clubs, new Workouts you can do at home or at the Gym or new Practice Equipment you can try at Home or at your Gym as well.

So we looked around, and there is a lot out there. From traditional stuff to more creative items. On the creative sides we have seen things like a Golf Chute that you can use to work on creating more speed, or even a Driver with Vertical grooves that claims to reduce side spin among other things…

On the more traditional side this is the best time of the Year to see all the new stuff from the big brands… but you won’t be able to hit most of them until January. Everyone is trying to make a splash, coming out with strategies like Wilson’s Triton Driver, creating better versions of their products like Taylormade, or even coming up with concepts like the Ice Cube Putter?  Yup, you read that right…

But this is not all… There is one more thing you can try… If you really want to go crazy on this “trying new things”…

Maybe a New Putting Technique?

A total “Game Changer”? or just another bad idea? What do you think?

It can’t be that crazy when Sam Snead used this Method once in his career. Just in case you are wondering, this is totally legal according to the USGA, so… are you going to try it?

Here’s a video showing Bryson trying it and also Mr. David Fay (Former USGA Executive Director) with a variation of the Method (click here).

So, we can given you 3 different things you can try during this Off Season… Which one are you going to try?

Let us know how you do!

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